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Two of Our Favourite Board Games Are Back in Stock, and They’re Both on Sale

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

If you find battling a fictional pandemic soothing when compared to watching the news, Pandemic was cited by five of our board-game experts as being one of the best four-player games on the market. It’s back in stock at Zatu Games, and 27 percent off (£37, down from £27).

The main objective is for players to work together to stop the spread of four diseases and save the world. “This is considered a modern classic because it has a simple set of rules, it has a theme that everyone can get into, and it is highly replayable,” says Ronny Alexander of cooperative board-game review site Co-op Board Games. Strategist UK editor Ailbhe loves it as a two-player game too.

Another popular option is 7 Wonders, which is “a trading and resource-management game in which players build up their architectural wonder across three ages of time,” explains Dr. Joey J. Lee, Director of the Games Research Lab and Coordinator of the M.A. Program in Design and Development of Digital Games at Teachers College, Columbia University. “Efficiently building your civilization’s commercial routes, military or technology can give you an edge in the future.” It’s 28 percent off (£29, down from £40).

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Our Favourite Board Games Are Back in Stock, And on Sale