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A Speedy, Kid-Friendly Version of Monopoly Is Now Just a Nudge Over £15

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

When we searched for the best-rated board games on Amazon, we came across this fast-paced version of Monopoly. This speedier version of the classic property game has gone down a storm with parents and players on Amazon who want to get through the game at a quicker pace. It’s 23 percent off (£17, down from £22).

Thirty-eight reviewers said they loved how quick it was compared to the normal version — each player has their own dice, so they move, purchase and collect money simultaneously. A further 15 reviews commented on how much quicker the game was, with one parent saying it was fast-paced enough to entice her teenager off his iPad. Another said his family could play three games in one rainy afternoon, whereas a single game used to take three days due to tantrums and upsets. And one person noted that the simplified mechanics in the game (no buildings, and rent and purchase costs being simplified) made it easy for their 6-year-old to understand the rules.

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A Speedy, Kid-Friendly Version of Monopoly Is Now Just £17