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This Oddly Soothing (and Seldom On-Sale) Motorised Squeegee Is Almost 20 Percent Off

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Last autumn, Strategist writer Chris Mandle alerted us to his beloved Kärcher motorised squeegee — which he uses to get rid of streaky lime-scale buildup on his shower screen. The Karcher is seldom on sale but is now almost 20 percent off (£55, down from £69).

He writes: “Because it’s motor-powered, it sucks all the moisture off any given surface, which is better for preventing lime-scale buildup. Manual shower cleaners like those Ikea squeegees can end up with you just pushing the water/soap marks around, but this gets rid of any streaks effortlessly.

It sucks up excess water so you can also get rid of mirror condensation in no time, and you can use it to clean bathroom tiles or kitchen counters, too; anything with excess water, really. Gently running it down surfaces — top to bottom works best, at about a 45-degree angle — is oddly soothing, and you can clean roughly 45 surfaces on one charge.”

Our Favourite Motorised Squeegee Is 20 Percent Off