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32 Mother’s Day Gifts Under £10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Buying your mum a Mother’s Day present can be stressful. We’ve been meticulously writing about the best gifts for anyone in your life at the Strategist UK, but it’s important to remember, no matter who you’re buying for, you don’t need to break the bank. We’ve put together the best gifts you can buy for your mum on Amazon that all come in at under a tenner, including Epsom salts for the mum who’s a little frazzled, and a must-read for her next book club.

For the mum who is newly retired (and loving it)

An easy-to-stash tote bag for when she’s out doing errands.

For the mum who is still deskbound

These can be used on arms, legs, shoulders, or anywhere else she might get tension and can be easily stashed in a desk drawer.

For the mum who still uses her Oyster Card holder

This mustardy card holder would add a pop of colour while tapping out.

For the mum who is green fingered

Bonus points if your mum is actually called Vera.

You’ll need a plant pot for that aloe, too.

For the mum who is green fingered (but busy)

Get her a doodad that will do the hard work while she’s away.

For the mum who takes her rings off when she’s mulching the roses

Keep them somewhere safe (and interesting-looking).

For the mum who doesn’t know her cobra from her locust

These yoga cards will help her learn the basics.

For the mum who is a bit too good at cobra pose

If your mum is something of a pro, however, get her the bath salts that Busy Phillips swears by.

For the mum on a health kick

This honey is made in Walthamstow, East London, and the added turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

For the mum with a weakness for mini-eggs

Start snacking right (or blitz them into strawberry margaritas).

For the mum who says you don’t FaceTime enough

A framed photo of you will always be well received.

For the mum who cries at the end of Billy Elliot, every time

A waterproof mascara that came recommended by experts, for less than ten pounds.

For the mum who loves Goodhood (but not the prices)

For the mum who runs a book club at work

For the mum who is minimalist 99 percent of the time

For the mum who gets a weekly manicure

This nail file will last way longer than those cheap cardboard ones.

And how about something to treat them with? Strategist contributor Natalya Lobanova wrote that this nail and cuticle oil was the one she always comes back to.

For the mum who insists on eating dinner at the dinner table

How about some candlestick holders to go with them?

For the mum who is in the dictionary under ‘light sleeper’

Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep.

For the mum who is in the dictionary under ‘cosy’

Make padding around the house on a Sunday night feel luxurious.

For the mum who spends Sundays in the garden

This healing salve contains shea butter, beeswax and sunflower oil.

For the mum who is decidedly not green fingered

These are just as striking as a bunch from the florists.

And here’s something to put them in, too.

For the mum who loves the electric toothbrush you got her for Christmas

Get her a fancy toothpaste to leave lying by the sink.

For the mum who likes a glass of Malbec with dinner

Keep her hydrated with a nice-looking carafe. Strategist UK editor Ailbhe owns this set and keeps it by her bedside.

For the mum who makes her own playlists on Spotify

She can play them on a speaker that won’t break the bank.

For the mum who is getting into Aeropress

Bonus points: The empty coffee jar would be a great place to stash odds and ends.

For the mum who has ‘guest towels’

Turkish Hammam Style Throw

This versatile towel can double as a fancy throw.

For the mum with empty-nest syndrome

This is like a bird box for insects, and would look nice in her garden.

For the mum who painted your room the second you left home

A very sweetie darling Mother’s Day gift.

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32 Mother’s Day Gifts Under £10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)