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The Best Air Beds on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And whilst we’ve covered lots of bedding before — including mattresses, mattress toppers, and weighted blankets — here, we’ve rounded up the best air beds for everyone, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated overall air bed

The Sable double air bed is popular among customers looking to spend a little more for a long-lasting, quality inflatable bed: 75 percent of its reviews are five stars. One reviewer calls this the “ideal inflatable mattress” for their guest room. In terms of comfort, 148 reviewers are happy to report that the Sable is a comfortable air bed (which could be attributed to the ‘I-Beam’ air coils, which adjust to the sleeper’s body shape and weight). One six-foot-two customer claims that they and their five-foot-tall partner find the air bed very sturdy, saying that the bed is so solid that they can even sit on the edge and it doesn’t collapse. Another happy buyer states that they can sit on the side of the bed, move around on it, even walk on it, and the air barely gets displaced. Eighty-three people also speak positively about how easy the bed was to inflate. However, it’s important to note that another customer mentions it’s not the quietest bed to inflate (one review mentions that it “sounds like a vacuum cleaner”).

Best-rated (less expensive) air bed

Coleman Airbed Maxi Comfort

The Coleman air bed comes at a slightly lower price point, and is still highly recommended by reviewers. Thirty-five customers mention using the bed for camping, with one reviewer stating that they got envious looks from others on the campsite. This particular bed is popular with those who suffer from aches and pains: A customer with arthritis loves the height of the bed, as it is a little higher than others. And another buyer, who has sore knees, claims that for anyone who struggles with lifting themselves up or down from a low bed, the height of this bed is perfect. Twenty-two reviewers are happy with how easy it is to inflate and deflate, while 49 agree that this is a comfortable air bed.

Best-rated air bed with built-in pump

For those who would prefer the ease of an integrated pump, the Aerobed Sleepsound double air bed comes highly recommended: 71 reviewers comment on the air bed being easy to inflate; one reviewer loves that it takes under two minutes to inflate the whole bed. Another customer states that the deflate function also makes packing up “a hundred times faster,” while 144 reviews mention how comfortable the bed is. One reviewer even claims that the bed, which folds away neatly into a carry bag, turns their living room into a fourth bedroom. Plus, as with a lot of the air beds on this list, the Aerobed sits quite high above the floor, around the height of a regular bed.

Best-rated air bed with rechargeable pump

Deeplee Air Bed With Rechargeable Pump

While many of the air beds we’ve featured here have an electric pump built in, lots of options on Amazon do come with a separate pump. The Deeplee air bed has a rechargeable, wireless air pump, which could also be used to inflate other objects such as inflatable pillows — though the pump will need to be charged before first use. Twenty-six customers say that the air bed was easy to inflate, with several confirming that it only takes a few minutes to fully inflate. One reviewer reports that the rechargeable pump makes this air bed great for short camping trips, adding that the bed stayed inflated through several nights of tossing and turning while sharing with their toddler. The Deeplee bed also comes with an easy-to-transport carry bag.

Best-rated king-sized air bed


While most of the beds we’ve featured here are a standard queen size, Active Era’s king-sized bed is recommended by reviewers for those looking for a larger air bed. As with the single-sized version, this bed has a built-in pillow section and electric pump, which one reviewer claims fully inflates the bed within three minutes. One happy customer calls the inflation system “an absolute doddle,” while another comments that this is even more comfortable than their own bed. As a larger air bed, this isn’t the cheapest option on the list, but 157 reviewers mention the value for money, with several noting how spacious it is, too. The size of the air bed does mean that it may not be the best suited for camping, however, but lots of reviewers agree that it’s perfect for a spare room.

Best-rated single air bed

Active Era Luxury Single Size Air Mattress

For those looking for a single bed, the single air mattress from Active Era is popular among buyers. One reviewer, who calls the air bed “luxury,” claims that they’ve only had to top up the air twice in the last three weeks of use — they also say that the bed is so comfortable it’s like a hug while they’re sleeping. Another customer, who needed a place to sleep whilst self-isolating from their husband after he showed signs of COVID-19, says that they are “super happy” with how comfortable the bed was. In fact, 207 buyers comment on how comfortable the air bed is — one customer often brings it camping and says they always wake up thinking they’re in their own bed. As with many of the Active Era air beds, there’s an internal, supportive structure intended to work like a regular bed, and an integrated pump which inflates and deflates with a switch — 105 reviewers write about how easy to inflate the bed is.

Best-rated (less expensive) single air bed

This Pavillo option was also highly rated, with 65 percent five stars. Sixty-nine reviewers were impressed at what a good value this air bed was, with a further 48 commenting on the quality. Though not everyone was happy with their purchase — 19 reviewers called it a “waste of money” for long-term use — it had many enthusiastic fans for occasional or short-term use. Fifteen customers said it was perfect for a camping trip, including someone who took it with them when they went to Europe for the 2016 Euros, while one dad said it was perfect when his kids came to stay. Campers noted that while it fit effortlessly into a car, it wasn’t compact enough to take backpacking. But 53 customers said it was easy to inflate, and 47 said it was simple enough to deflate, too.

Best-rated air bed for kids

Avenli Single Flocked Childs Air Bed

While there are lots of smaller options available for kids-sized air beds, the Avenli air bed is very popular among customers who were looking for a safe, well-priced, and comfortable inflatable bed for children. One parent’s 2-year-old, after struggling to sleep through the night for months, was put up on the air bed in preparation for a camping trip, and ended up getting a full night’s sleep for several days in a row. Another reviewer loves the bumpers on the side of the bed in particular, as they ensure those sleeping in it will stay in one place through the night. And another buyer purchased the bed not for a child but for their elderly Collie dog, using plenty of fleece blankets to protect the bed’s material — they write that it inflates easily and stays firm.

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The Best Air Beds, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers