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I’ve Tried Over 40 Beauty Pie Products. These Are the Ones I Buy on Repeat.

A selection of my Beauty Pie favourites. Photo: Courtesy Sandy Yu

While many people mastered yoga in their living rooms or perfected their sourdough recipes during the lockdown, I dived face-first into the art of skin-care routines. In the midst of this frenzy, a colleague sent me a referral code to Beauty Pie. I immediately trusted her recommendation, as her flawless, glowing skin hides her tendency to work extra hours (often late into the night). Beauty Pie’s appeal is obvious: Their products are made in the same facilities and labs as some of the most sought-after cosmetic brands, with the differences being in price but not quality. Buying from them, however, is not as straightforward as going to Boots. Each product has both a “typical price” and a member price. The typical prices are based on similar brand-name products with comparable quality. The member prices, a small fraction of the typical price, are the exact amounts each product costs to make, inclusive of storage and handling. In order to access member prices, you have to buy into their membership scheme, meaning members have to pay a monthly fee. The more you pay into the membership, the more you’re allowed to buy. For example, with a £15-a-month membership, you can purchase products with typical prices that total up to £150 each month. If you were to upgrade a membership to £250 a month, you would be able to buy products with typical prices that add up to £250 each month.

The same colleague who introduced me to Beauty Pie was on a £15-per-month membership, but I started with £25-per-month because I was eager. It’s been more than a year and a half now, and I still haven’t switched. My vanity and bathroom are littered with Beauty Pie products in their handsome and minimal containers. I’d wager I’ve tried over 40 of their products over the past year and a bit, and many more if I take into account the many colourways of their makeup selection, but these are the ones that I’ve bought repeatedly.

The Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops were in my first-ever order and were the item that initially got me hooked on Beauty Pie. Even though I morosely notice the youthfulness fading from my skin, every now and then I’m hit with a breakout and I’m reminded of what my youthful skin was really like. Since using these Super Drops nightly, however, I haven’t had any spots whatsoever. Once in a while, I can feel the angry red beginnings of a spot rearing its ugly head towards the surface of my skin. My regimen: a good wash and a modest amount of these drops before bed to wake up with a fresh, spot-free face. This product brightens my skin even at times when there are no spots, and it works like magic to keep them at bay should they threaten to appear.

Also in my first order was this Jeju Daily AM/PM moisturiser. Back then, it was just called Jeju PM, but they’ve since changed the name, as their members have agreed it works just as well in the morning as it does at night. I prefer a little SPF in my morning moisturiser, so even after its name change, I reserved it for nighttime use. It feels refreshing and silky smooth when applied, it smells fantastic, and you need so little of it due to its thick, balmlike texture. The key ingredients include antioxidant tomato stem cells and flower stem cells, which have proven to be excellent for moisturising. In the mornings, my skin looks refreshed and dewy, like it’s been well rested, even if I didn’t get my prescribed eight hours of sleep. I’ve since tried a few different moisturisers from Beauty Pie and beyond to use at night, but this one is still the one I reach for.

What some might mistake as a dedication to being well groomed is in fact a quirk of being too fidgety and needing to keep my hands busy when I’m reading, writing, watching TV, or doing anything passive. Painting my nails is the perfect activity to keep my hands busy and also ensures that I don’t fidget too much, lest I risk ruining fresh polish while it’s still wet.

All of this is to say that I’ve tried many nail-polish brands, and I love experimenting with new colours. The selection offered by Beauty Pie ranges from subtle, sexy nudes to attention-grabbing and bright. They dry quickly, and their textures are gel-like when dried — which I prefer over enamel-like finishes, as I find they chip less on my fingers. The polishes go on fairly thick, but it means two coats are often enough for opaque coverage. The polish stays for at least four to five days, sometimes longer if I’m doing less manual labour in a given week. Out of all the colours I’ve tried out (which is more than ten), my favourite is “Le Milk.” It’s a light cream that’s ever so slightly translucent. Because of my tanned skin, a lot of lighter colours appear jarringly bright. This one, by contrast, is mellow and sweet and works so well for any occasion that I’m on my fourth bottle.

I picked this cleanser up on my second order on the recommendation of the same colleague who referred me. I was immediately in love: The soft, gel-like texture of the cleanser turns into an oil when rubbed into skin and then a milky liquid on contact with water. Makeup practically melts away when you wash it off, and it’s really gentle on my skin, making it feel conditioned and not stripping it of any moisture. It’s a nice staple to always keep on hand and a refreshing way to start the morning or wash away the day, followed by the Micropeeling Super Drops.

I used to only reserve eye shadow for nights out. Four years of mastering the paintbrush in art school had not improved my skills with an eye-shadow brush, and the amount of time it would take for me to ensure everything was even meant it was unreasonable to wear eye shadow on a day-to-day basis, when I need a quick, no-fuss beauty routine. That’s why these eye-shadow sticks are a game changer. Smooth and luxuriously pigmented, it’s so easy to sweep across my lids for an immediate brightening boost of definition. I’ve since swapped out the liquid eyeliner I used to wear because, unlike the eyeliner, these eye-shadow sticks need no drying time. Depending on the colour, they’re great for both a subtle daytime look or dramatic and smoky for evenings out.

I came to the brow game quite late. I had a fringe for seven or eight years of my life, so I very rarely saw my eyebrows. When I finally updated my haircut, there was a lot of trial and error before settling on a shape and process that suited me. It also meant I tried a lot of different brow products in a short span of time. This brow pencil is the best I’ve used so far, one that’s easy to handle, even for someone who hasn’t had decades of practice. I use Glossier’s Boy Brow, which is a great first step, but this pencil with its ultrathin tip is perfect for finishing them off and making sure they look even. It comes with a brow brush on the other side, which also helps blend everything together.

I got this bodywash for my husband after asking if there was anything he wanted from Beauty Pie when I had leftover credit to spend one month. We were both impressed with the gentle lather and the luxurious feel of the wash. The smell is really pleasant as well: lightly citrusy and unisex, not overpowering, but lingering on the skin after a wash. I enjoy trying out new bodywashes as a way to experiment with new scents, so I wasn’t planning on purchasing this wash again for another while. (My current obsession is Amazing Grace from Philosophy.) But when I recently asked my husband again if he wanted anything from Beauty Pie, he requested the same bodywash. His preferred bodywashes are from Aēsop, and though the scent isn’t as stunningly intoxicating, the quality is on par. And for a fraction of the price, it’s hard to complain.

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Of the 40 Beauty Pie Products I’ve Tried, These Are the Best