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The Best-Rated Dog Food on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews

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Here at the Strategist UK, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

We’ve previously looked at a number of home essentials, including the best knife sets, the best slow cookers, and the best microwaves. Here, we’ve rounded up the best dog foods for every kind of dog, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated overall dog food


There are 3,049 reviews for this all-natural dog food, which includes 1,795 five-star reviews. The Yorkshire manufacturer, which has been making dog food since the mid 1980s, promises “no nasties, no soya, no dairy” and says the dry food is suitable for all dog breeds ages eight weeks and up. One reviewer said the food was perfect for their fussy German Shepherd, who has turned her nose up at cheaper alternatives. And there were 96 positive reviews saying the food was a hit with dogs that had digestive problems. Yorkshire terriers, labradoodles, and collies were all satisfied with it, and one customer even wrote that their cat has taken to stealing it. The different flavours include a salmon and rice option, which 45 reviewers said was a good option to promote healthier coats due to the extra essentials oils, including a woman whose dog’s dry skin was improved after several weeks on this dog food.

Best-rated (less expensive) dog food

Solimo Dry Dog Food, 2x 5kg

The best-rated but less expensive option comes courtesy of Amazon’s own brand, Solimo. Overall, 70 percent of customers gave this product a five-star rating, with reviews emphasising the great value for money. One reviewer said their large-breed dog wolfed down the food in no time, adding that unlike a lot of dry foods with high meat content, the smell is not as pungent. Another user said their vet specifically recommended the lamb and rice flavour for their German Shepherd. This food also comes in 5kg and 20kg bag options.

Best-rated Dog Food for Puppies (Small-Breed)

Eukanuba Puppy Food For Small Dogs, 3kg

Eukanuba have been making dog food since 1969, and though they cater to dogs of all ages and sizes, their chicken-and-turkey small-breed puppy food comes highly recommended. It holds an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 across 733 reviews, and many customers say the smaller-size biscuits are perfect for smaller mouths. One reviewer said they wish they’d found this brand sooner for their fussy nine-month-old shihpoo puppy (that’s a shih tzu/poodle cross), while owners of young cavalier King Charles spaniels, Jack Russells, and border terriers say it’s the best brand they’ve found. Though it’s intended for smaller breeds, one owner described them as perfect for the puppies of his medium-size dog, who fell pregnant after an unexpected encounter in the park with a smaller breed. One other benefit of this food came via one customer, who said the extra-dry texture didn’t attract flies as much as other brands.

Best-rated Dog Food for Adults (Small-Breed)

IAMS Small/Medium Breed Adult Dog Food, 12kg

With 85% of reviews being five stars, this Iams chicken-flavoured food is a big hit on Amazon. Though it says it’s suitable for small and medium breeds, some owners of small dogs say the biscuits are too large for miniature dogs — one review specifically mentioned a teacup Yorkshire terrier that had to have the biscuits put through a food processor. However, Boston terriers, shelties and larger Yorkshire terriers were among the breeds owners said enjoyed the food. In a five-star review, one owner said they’d been buying this for five years and their two dogs now had bright eyes and glossy coats due to the nutrients in this food, including vitamin E, which supports the dog’s immune system.

Best-rated Dog Food for Adults (Large-Breed)

Autarky Adult Dry Dog Food With Chicken

According to the owner of a medium/large dog, this adult dry food offers great value, working out at just £2.80 per week. In fact almost one in five of all reviews mention the affordability or price of this dog food. As it is intended for larger dogs, the biscuits are larger, and one reviewer suggests erring on the side of caution — their cockapoo found these biscuits too large. But one owner of a mixed breed — specifically a cross between a poodle and a puli, a kind of Hungarian herding dog — said they were the perfect size. Note: Autarky says this is suitable for working dogs up until the age of seven years old, after which they would be expected to work less and therefore require a less high-energy diet.

Best-rated Grain-Free Dog Food

Lily’s Kitchen Complete Dry Dog Food, 7kg

This food from Lily’s Kitchen has 1,504 ratings — 84 percent of which are five stars. What sets this brand apart, however, is that it’s grain-free, which is better for dogs with sensitive stomachs, fussy dogs and certain breeds. 41 owners said it stood out as a grain-free product, with one saying their dog enjoyed the food so much that the biscuits were used as a treat for good behaviour on dog walks. The owner of five boxers said that her dogs had been regularly prone to allergic reactions, dry skin and even muzzle pimples due to cheaper brands, but they have been in perfect health since eating the lamb flavour from Lily’s Kitchen. The salmon option contains fish oil, which many reviewers said was good for a shiny coat, though the owner of a springer spaniel warned that the smell is unpleasant. Though it isn’t marketed as best for older dogs, three owners said the fish oils in these products helped the joint pain in their pets too.

Best-rated Dog Food for Weight Loss

Many happy customers say their dogs have managed to shed weight thanks to this low-fat option from Barking Heads. Though a number of breeds report successful results, including Labradors and Jack Russell terriers, the food is popular with cocker spaniel owners — one writes that their dog lost 3kg after being put on this food at the insistence of a vet. In another five-star review, an owner wrote that their nine-year-old spaniel lost 2kg after two months of eating this as well as developing a shinier coat. It’s also recommended by owners of older dogs who, due to hip displacement or arthritis, aren’t able to burn calories off as easily. One owner said their eight-year-old red setter is like a new dog after introducing this food into their diet.

Best-rated Dog Food for Working Dogs

Skinner’s Field & Trial Salmon and Rice, 15kg

The Suffolk-based company Skinner’s has been making dog food since the 1970s, and though this kind is intended for field dogs (which include Labradors, spaniels and gun dogs such as pointers), it has glowing reviews from the owners of all kinds of working dogs. It currently has 1,696 reviews on Amazon, with 83% of those being five-star reviews. Skinner’s say that the salmon and rice food is hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach, and 41 reviewers agree, saying it’s helped their dogs with digestive problems. Skinner’s also say that working dogs benefit from a fish-based diet due to the addition of omega 3:6 fatty acids. Many owners agree it’s a long-lasting food due to needing smaller portion sizes; one owner of a working cocker spaniel said the 15kg bag lasted them about three months, while the owner of a working whippet suggested feeding dogs smaller than usual amounts due to the high quality of the salmon and rice feed. One word of warning from a nonworking-dog owner; the food is very high in protein, meaning dogs with a more relaxed lifestyle may get hyperactive.

Best-rated Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food helps keep dogs hydrated, and according to reviewers of this food by Devon-based manufacturer Forthglade, it more closely resembles meat than dry food. One five-star review said it was the No. 1 wet dog food on the market, while another claimed it was the only wet food that didn’t upset their dogs’ stomachs. Overall, it has 703 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. The sealed pouches also limit the transfer of nasty smells — one cavapoo owner, who says their dog can’t manage a whole pouch at once, reseals and keeps these in the fridge and says you can’t smell it whatsoever. 29 reviewers liked the fact it was grain-free, too, saying the cereals and other products used to bulk-out dry food are absent here. A French bulldog owner called this food perfect, saying that, as well as making their dog enjoy mealtimes again, the healthy ingredients meant the dog’s persistent wind problems had stopped.

Best-rated Senior-Dog Food

Purina Senior Dry Dog Food – 14kg

This specially developed recipe for older dogs has proved to be a hit with customers. It has 1,124 reviews in total, with 75% of those being five stars. Purina say this food includes omega 3 fatty acids to ease sore joints and natural prebiotics to support digestion. Owners write enthusiastically about the results of the food on their pets — according to the owner of one 15-year-old golden Labrador, their dog has a healthy coat, flexible joints, and high energy levels. One owner of a ten-year-old dog said that it can eat smaller portions due to the high levels of nutrients in the food, which makes the food last longer. There were 59 reviewers that said they thought this brand offered excellent value for money, while 58 considered the price “reasonable.”

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The Best-Rated Dog Food, According to Reviewers