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29 Father’s Day Gifts Under £10

Photo-Illustration: retailers

Buying your dad a Father’s Day present can be stressful, whether he’s a golfy dad, a foodie dad, or a dad who enjoys noodling around art galleries. But remember, as Father’s Day approaches on June 19, your gift doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are our picks for the best gifts under £10, including useful, silly, and even a few useful and silly options. While most of the 29 gifts are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

This (nonalcoholic) sparkling rosé has subtle notes of berry, citrus, and apple.

For the dad who is back to commuting on the Central Line

Photo: retailer

Did someone say “signal failure”?

For the dad who dines alfresco in September

For the dad who pops his own corn

Romesh Ranganathan told us this sour, funky seasoning was a “game changer” for his movie nights.

For the dad who knows a blue tit from a coal tit

We like this neat option, which could go on a balcony or on his patio.

For the dad who jimmies and pries

Give him a tool to aid his odd jobs.

For the dad who loves a relish

Everything tastes better dunked in this stuff.

For the dad who is curious about skin care


This vegan scrub contains green clay, which is good for reducing inflammation and comes recommended by skin-care experts.

For the dad who is (finally) going to Glastonbury again

Photo: retailer

Take a trip down memory lane with this book exploring the periphery characters in the Beatles’ lives.

For the dad who likes noodling round the Tate

For the dad who is getting into Aeropress

illy Classic Coffee Beans

Bonus points: The empty coffee jar would be a great place to stash odds and ends.

For the dad who already owns an Aeropress

This mesh filter will replace the paper one in his Aeropress. Eco-friendly and efficient.

For the dad who mollycoddles the dog

For the dad who takes steaks seriously

This digital timer, which he can slip in his pocket or stick to the fridge, will ensure his medium-rare flank steak is just right.

For the dad who even burns scrambled eggs

Price’s Chef Candle

This chef’s candle will neutralise any unwelcome odors.

For the dad who has a serious seed habit

Photo: retailer

This tool will make it easier if he’s planting all manner of fruit and veg this summer.

For the dad who gardens

Strategist staff writer Chris Mandle grows these bee-friendly flowers to help pollinate his courgettes.

For the dad who gardens (and loves a challenge)

Photo: retailer

Cacti are pretty hard to kill, but growing one from scratch is far trickier.

For the dad who is decidedly not green-fingered

For the dad who doesn’t want anything big

Everon Lip Balm

Give him something he’ll use every day that fits right in his pocket. This lip balm comes recommended by dancer William Bracewell.

For the dad who is obsessed with #PlantTok

Perfect for propagating, be it a trailing pothos or some basil from the supermarket.

For the dad who hates the Notes app

Photo: retailer

We love the pads from French design company Rhodia, which has kept their iconic orange design since 1934.

For the dad who hates biros

This was the best-rated pen in our exhaustive test of 87 different kinds — it’s gel-like without being smudgy.

For the dad who needs to let off some steam

For the dad who needs some brain training

Photo: retailer

This will keep him busy for ages.

For the dad working on scratch

This gizmo features a ball-marker, a score pen, and a groove brush.

For the dad who is artsy

For the dad whose holiday includes bagging a Munro

This sugary, minty energy bar — made in the Lake District — is a great pick-me-up on a weekend stroll (or a day-long hike).

For the dad who is catching up on Slow Horses

29 Father’s Day Gifts Under £10