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The 45 Best Gifts for Brothers (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Whatever age your brother, when it comes to his birthday, it’s nice to get him something special. Whether he’s a gamer with a weak spot for fresh pasta, or an athletic sibling who has got into horticulture, we’ve found gift suggestions for every kind of brother. We also included recommendations from the Strategist archives, like chef-approved sea salt and a pop star’s favourite caffeine eye cream.

For the brother who prefers a starter to a pudding

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If he always chooses cheese over chocolate, then this (chef-approved) fancy salt would be a nice gift.

For the brother with a serious sweet tooth

If you always nicked his pick ‘n’ mix as kids, consider this (3 kilogram-sized) olive branch.

For the brother who still uses a manual brush

For the brother who hates clothes shopping

This cashmere scarf is the kind of thing that will suit any person, at any age.

For the brother who puts Sriracha on everything

Open his eyes (and taste buds) to other sauces, like this pineapple habanero, which would be great on anything from salads to scrambled eggs.

For the brother who (still) doesn’t act his age

No one is too old to goof around with a massive water pistol.

For the brother who WhatsApps his personal trainer

This highly rated massager will ease the agony of leg day.

For the brother who never skips cardio at HIIT

This under-the-desk set of pedals will allow him to get a workout in even when he’s in back-to-back Zooms.

For the brother who just bought his first home

For the brother who never misses PopMaster

Not only is the sound quality of this Roberts Bluetooth radio excellent, the grey colour and gold detailing is particularly nice.

For the brother who mastered his crane pose in lockdown

H&S Yoga Blocks

What to get the yoga bro (who already has a mat).

For the brother whose agnolotti rivals the special at Ombra

This ravioli-cutter set will ensure his pasta looks as good as it tastes.

For the brother who can’t stop scrolling

Anker Wireless Charger

If his phone is always in need of juice, this sleek, minimalist charger would make a nice gift.

For the brother who checks his phone at 3 a.m.

If one quick check of the time turns into a 40-minute doomscroll, this alarm clock — which can project the time on the ceiling — might help break his habit.

For the brother who checks his phone at 3 a.m., 4 a.m., and 5 a.m.

This caffeine-packed eye cream comes recommended by Joe Jonas.

For the brother who doesn’t ‘do’ skin care

For the brother who makes his own cold brew

Give him a reusable cup so he can take his brew with him on his Sunday stroll.

For the brother who grinds his own beans

An Aeropress is cheap, easy, and produces ridiculously good coffee.

For the brother who keeps losing his AirPods

These grippier alternatives come recommended by dancer William Bracewell and have a similar battery life and sound quality as the AirPods.

For the brother who lusts after a Le Creuset

Amazon’s basics line includes this highly rated (and enamelled) cast-iron.

For the brother who manages to lose his keys (even while working from home)

Now he can track them on his phone (as long as he hasn’t lost that, too).

For the brother who likes to post an OOTD

A grip will make getting a good angle less perilous.

For the brother who is partial to a mojito

If he’s looking for a way to switch up his favourite drink, using golden rum — like this kind from Cornwall — produces what bartenders call a dirty mojito.

For the brother who is partial to an old-fashioned

These bitters are made from West Indian oranges and would be useful in any home bar.

For the brother who shops on Depop

Crep Protect Spray

Help him keep his newest haul in pristine condition.

For the brother who loves trainers (but has quite enough pairs already)

The next best thing than a new pair of Stan Smiths? A book about the man himself.

For the brother who can’t keep his peace Lily alive

Experts told us the pothos makes a great plant for beginners as you can see it grow quite quickly.

For the brother who is decidedly indoorsy

Suitable for 6-year-olds and 60-year-olds alike.

For the brother who is indoorsy (but desperately needs a holiday)

From £40
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How about a trip to a desert island?

For the brother who is starting a new job

A classic Moleskine will always make a good gift.

And how about a nice pen to go with it? This mechanical ballpoint has a satisfying click and a pleasing grip, too.

For the brother who hotdesks at Palmspace

A protective hardshell case will make his commute (and after-work drinks) a little easier on his MacBook.

For the brother who never carries a brolly

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This raincoat — beloved by stylists, musicians, and outdoorsy types — will keep him dry instead.

For the brother who gave up meat this year

This vegan cookbook has 250 recipes, including po’boy roasted aubergine and grilled yuca tortillas.

For the brother who gave up takeaways this year

This rice cooker makes fluffy-every-time grains and comes highly rated on Amazon (plus two Strategist staff members own it).

For the brother who is chef-y (but has been using the same IKEA knife for years)

From our look at the best knife sets on Amazon: a really affordable set that will cover all bases.

For the new brother

That’s Not My Robin

This book, with plenty of different textures, would be a lovely gift for a little brother.

For the brother who got pinged right before Green Man

Maybe instead of gigs, he could get into vinyl?

And a record to play on it.

For the brother who has trouble tidying up

Give him this highly rated robot vacuum and he can make as much mess as he likes.

For the brother who loves to jimmy and pry

This six-centimeter Swiss army knife is perfect for anyone adventurous.

For the brother who is a top-tier doodler

If his notebooks look like mini works of art, maybe he’d like a new medium. These watercolours came recommended by Strategist contributor (and artist) Natalya Lobanova.

For the brother who doesn’t know what to do with his hair

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

A spritz of this salt spray in his locks will add volume and texture — but not look gunky.

For the brother who truly has no idea what to do with his hair

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The 45 Best Gifts for Brothers (That You Can Buy on Amazon)