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The 34 Best Gifts for Every Type of Girlfriend

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy the retailers

Whether you’ve been dating for ten years or just-shy of ten weeks, buying a Valentine’s Day present for the person you love can be fraught. You might want something meaningful — but not too meaningful — or you might want to gift something useful, weird, or a combination of the two. Whatever you’re looking for and whatever the budget, we’re here to help. We went through the Strategist archives and scoured retailers to find some of the most giftable products. And while most of these options are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. Read on for suggestions for stylish girlfriends, sporty girlfriends, minimalist girlfriends, long-term girlfriends, and “Is it official yet?” girlfriends.

For the girlfriend who works from bed

Give her some sheets she wouldn’t mind being glimpsed on Zoom.

For the girlfriend with a more sophisticated WFH setup

For the girlfriend who snacks

£13 for 20

These crispy roasted broad beans are the kind of thing you usually get with your sherry at Sager and Wilde — but would be just as nice with a glass of wine in front of Drag Race.

For the girlfriend who’s a Caroline Hirons stan

AstroAI Mini Fridge

Dermatologist Dr. Corey L. Hartman told us that a skin-care fridge could be the perfect gift for a beauty lover.

For the girlfriend who found Squid Game too stressy

Photo: retailer

Hive, a chesslike game we have written about before, is a far more enjoyable way to relax after work.

For the girlfriend who can do a cut crease


Fetto’s favourite products, like lipstick or foundation, are shot on strikingly coloured backgrounds, and the jewel-green cover with foil lettering would look particularly nice arranged on a coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers.

For the girlfriend who’s a little bit luxury

These Himalayan bath salts feature lavender, rose, and chamomile.

For the girlfriend who’s more than a little bit luxury

This is the best overall hairbrush according to the expert stylists we spoke to.

For the girlfriend who has strong feelings on pyramid-shaped versus square-shaped teabags

Give her a striking-looking teapot for her (highly specific) selection.

For the girlfriend who has strong feelings on burr versus blade grinders

Coffee experts recommended the Chemex as a gift for its beautiful aesthetic. The brew method is similar to the V60, but because of the size, it’s particularly good for groups or for batch coffee.

For the girlfriend who has strong opinions on pour-over versus French press

A gooseneck kettle is perfect for blooming your freshly ground coffee.

For the girlfriend who has an active eBay account

Consider this Kit-Cat clock, whose eyes and tail move every second.

For the girlfriend who pivoted your Hvar sailing trip to narrow-boating on the Norfolk Broads without breaking a sweat

An understated leather weekender. [Editor’s note: This product is low in stock.]

For the girlfriend who’s a doodler

Not too thin and not too thick, these pens (which came in at No. 24 in our exhaustive pen-testing project) come recommended by Diptyque creative director Myriam Badault, British GQ art director Kevin Fay, and designer Chloe Ainsley.

For the girlfriend who’s a painter

White Nights Watercolours

Professional artist Natalya Lobanova is staunchly loyal to these quite affordable watercolours.

For the girlfriend who loses her phone but also keeps it on silent so you can’t just ring it to find it

A gift that will pay for itself.

For the girlfriend who wishes she lived by the sea


This scrub is made with sea kelp and French green clay (and smells like the seaside).

For the wife who always finds her light

A well-reviewed ring light: Its Colour Rendering Index is over 90. (Experts told us a CRI as close to 100 is best as natural light has a CRI rating of 100.)

For the girlfriend who drizzles

This bottle by Belazu came recommended by Joshua Paterson, co-founder of Bill or Beak in Camden Market, who told us it was one of his go-to oils for “dressing dishes and dipping ridiculous amounts of bread into.”

For the girlfriend who stays up late reading

Rechargeable LED Book Light

This book light sits on the neck and is bright enough for her to keep page-turning without keeping you awake.

For the girlfriend who stays up late seething

If you’re a snorer, author Sophia Money-Coutts says these earplugs “remain lodged all night, comfortably muffling the world outside.”

For the girlfriend who’s just moved into a new flat

This looks like something you’d find in Anthropologie or an East London independent dedicated to reviving gems from the late ’60s.

For the girlfriend who overexerted on Yoga With Adriene

Photo: retailer

This back and neck massager was the top-rated one when we scoured Amazon for the best massagers.

For the girlfriend who overexerted at the Nunhead Gardener

There’s a trove of tasteful planters, baskets, and pots on Amazon. We particularly like this set of two rope baskets.

For the girlfriend who’s a little bit of a grandma

Interior designer Rita Konig told us she likes the leather detailing on this radio (and Russell Tovey has it in burgundy).

For the girlfriend who’s a winter girl

For the girlfriend who’s a summer girl

It’s not too early to plan this summer’s picnics.

A bottle of Champagne would fit quite nicely into that picnic basket.

For the girlfriend you’re just getting serious with

There’s no need for her to bring a toothbrush when she sleeps over anymore.

You could bundle the toothbrush with this stylish jasmine toothpaste.

For the girlfriend that didn’t miss a day of Chloe Ting during lockdown

Fitbit Charge 4

She’ll be hitting her New Year’s resolution of 10,000 steps in no time.

For the girlfriend who never switches on the big light

To add to her fairy-light/LED strips/candle mood-light collection.

For the girlfriend who is fully analogue

Of all the Instax options, we particularly like this sky blue.

You could also pair the camera with a pack of extra film.

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The 34 Best Gifts for Every Type of Girlfriend