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The 31 Best Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon) for Every Type of Mum

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The truth is, mums are tricky to buy for. You might be looking for a gift for a new mum, a young mum, or a retired mum. Some mums want a practical gift, and some want to feel utterly spoiled on their special day, no matter their age. Don’t fret; we’ve put our heads together to source the best kinds of gift for any mum, from glam mums to outdoorsy mums via book-club mums and “I don’t want anything” mums. Here are 31 options, for every type of mum, that you can buy on Amazon.

For the mum who’ll have a glass of prosecco, but just the one

For the mum who prefers Champagne to prosecco

An all-natural luxury candle with up to 32 hours of burn time.

For the hydrated mum

It’s hard to go wrong with a bottle from Chilly’s.

For the dehydrated mum

We like the slightly pharmaceutical design of this super-hydrating hand cream.

For the brand-new mum

For the new mum

An all-natural moisturiser, which can be used on the most sensitive of skin (be it mum or baby).

For the mum who’s just gotten into podcasts

These wireless earbuds came highly-rated according to Amazon reviewers, and they’re affordable, too — so if your mum loses one, it’s not a big deal.

For the mum who still has Evermore on repeat

Supersoft and slate grey, this beanie will keep her head warm when it gets chilly.

For the mum who’s low maintenance but her skin isn’t

You could add in a nice body wash, too — this one is scented with orange and vanilla essential oils, and comes recommended by dermatologists.

For the mum who’s obsessed with the dog

For the mum who’s obsessed with the cat

Available in a variety of colours, but we think the lilac is fetching.

For the mum who’s in a Zoom book club

A Kindle Paperwhite is superlight with a long life battery, and it’s waterproof to boot.

Maybe add in this Kindle cover which acts like a book jacket — when you open it, your Kindle wakes, and when you close it, your Kindle goes to sleep.

And some books to go on it

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Open Water is an elegant love story about a boy and a girl who both meet at the same party in a pub — he’s working as a photographer, she’s attending. It’s poetic, short, and perfect for the mum who misses people-watching.

If she’s eagerly awaiting season two of the Netflix series, there are eight Bridgerton books to get through (one for each sibling).

For the mum who prefers an audiobook

Patrice Lawrence, author of Orangeboy, described this pacy and character-driven audiobook as a police procedural with urban-fantasy elements.

For the mum who painted your room the second you left home

For the mum who’s a beginner plant mum

A clever doodad that waters plants, even when you forget.

And don’t forget a plant to water. Stacey Rockliffe, owner of online plant shop Mawusi Plants, says this is a particularly good option “for a beginner that wants some interaction with their plant” as it changes appearance and grows quite quickly.

For the mum who reads the restaurant menu in advance

Black Axe Mangal

A cookbook that’s truly coffee-table worthy.

For the mum who only got TikTok for Daniella Marcan’s make-up tutorials


She’ll love this book by beauty editor Funmi Fetto, who has worked at VogueGlamour, and more — she shares all of the tips and insight she’s picked up from being around the world’s top beauty experts.

For the mum who only drinks looseleaf tea


This infuser teapot means she can sip on sencha, with no faff.

For the mum who’s more of a coffee drinker

Contributor Sirin Kale uses this espresso machine every day. “I love this coffee machine on a sort of desperate level,” she writes. “So much so that it’s ruined the experience of going to coffee shops for me — I’ve barely bought takeaway coffees in the past year.”

For the mum who reckons she could get on Bake Off

Strategist editor Maxine Builder writes that this dough-rolling bag “is the easiest way I’ve found to roll out my precious pie dough. I just lightly flour the inside, pop the chilled pie dough into the bag, zip it up, then roll it out.”

For the mum who mastered pigeon pose during lockdown

H&S Yoga Blocks

What to get the mum who already has a mat.

For the mum who keeps losing her phone

A practical gift that will pay for itself.

For the mum who loses her earrings on a fortnightly basis

The little ledge on this jewellery stand will stop earrings and hair grips going walkabout.

For the mum who says she doesn’t want anything

A spaghetti measurer that looks like a Henry Moore sculpture.

For the mum who says she really doesn’t want anything

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The 31 Best Gifts for Every Type of Mum