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What Are the Best Office Chairs?

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Since we’re all working from home for the foreseeable future, the way we see our friends, exercise, and keep ourselves occupied has changed. Our working culture has altered, too, with our homes becoming temporary offices, and a good home office requires a decent office chair. If working from your sofa (or, worse, your bed) is becoming unsustainable, we asked six stylish individuals, including a magazine editor, an architect, and a best-selling author, what office chair they work from.

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller came recommended by two of our experts, as well as being highly rated by our U.S. colleagues. “This chair is a design classic,” says Adam Baidawi, GQ Middle East’s editor-in-chief. “I bought mine five years ago, back when I was living in Australia, and wrote it off on tax (it’s pretty pricey). If you work from home, though, you’ve got to invest in yourself.” London-based architect Thomas Bestwick agrees. “They’re very expensive to buy brand new,” he admits, “but I got mine on eBay, and I love it. If you have to spend a lot of time sitting down, this is the best way to do it.”

From £278

“If you want efficiency, go for a German make,” says author Chris Whitaker, who wrote his new book We Begin at the End while sitting on this chair in his home office. “I once went for a chair that was very beautiful but it gave me awful backache. But the Head Point is honestly the perfect chair, in my opinion. Writing the book took me three years, which consisted of sitting at my desk for ten hours a day, seven days a week. This is the only chair that I’ve ever had where I don’t notice any pain or any aches from sitting at it for prolonged periods. I used to have to get up constantly to stretch my muscles, but with this chair I can sit at it all day and I don’t feel a thing.” [Editor’s note: This chair is currently out of stock, but we found a similar Topstar chair on their website].

“I did a ton of research into buying the right office chair, mostly because they are completely sold out on Ikea delivery near me, and most of the ones in the lower price bracket from John Lewis were also sold out,” says Sophie Gadd, a digital editor at LEGO. “My colleague recommended I get one from an office supplier, because they actually had tons of stock.” She chose this mesh chair from Realspace, which fixed the backache she was getting from working around the house. “It’s a standard chair like I’d have at my desk at work,” Gadd says. “But it has helped enormously — my back pain went away in literally a day. It’s ugly as hell, but at this point what do I care? It’s not as if we’ve got guests coming over to impress.”

Cesca Side Arm Chair

Artist and designer Luke Edward Hall owns several of these chairs but recently bought two more specifically for his home office. “I probably should get a ‘proper’ office chair at some point, but I use one of these at my desk when I’m working,” he says. The chair is surprisingly accommodating for long-term sitting, says Hall. “It consists of a metal frame with a cane back and seat, and I like it because the metal bit is quite flexible. It’s very comfortable. They’re a classic design, created by Marcel Breuer in 1928. You can buy originals, or you can sometimes find knockoffs online.” There are numerous variations on the design, including options with or without arms.

Cesca Side Chair

Animator (and Strategist contributor) Natalya Lobanova recommends the Reis wheely chair from Wayfair, which she currently “borrows” from her partner at home. “The main appeal (aside from the fun orange colour) is how small and compact it is while still being on wheels,” she says. “It’s comfortable, and the lack of armrests is actually super-useful.” Her partner works between two desks and multiple screens, as his studio is used for both animation and music production. “He constantly needs to move between his main computer, to his Wacom on another desk, and his music equipment on another side of the room. I actually borrowed this chair at one point, and I loved how it fit underneath my own desk, which has quite a narrow space for a chair — most wheely chairs don’t do this.”

We also found this similar-looking model on Amazon.

Some other Strategist-approved office chairs

When we looked at the best-rated office chairs on Amazon, this gaming chair came out as the best option. It has over 2,300 reviews, 78 percent of which are five stars, and its fans include gamers, pensioners, and teens. One customer said they could work a ten-hour day without any aches or pains.

Author Laura Jane Williams bought six of these chairs after seeing them on the Instagram Stories of a friend. She wrote that they “are both a focal point in my living room and fit in seamlessly with the rest of my Ikea–meets–Soho House vibe.”

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What Are the Best Office Chairs?