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32 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Office Accents That You Can Buy on Amazon

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We’ve previously hunted out cheap-but-expensive-looking accents for your bedroom and your nursery, and now it’s time to look at the office. We’ve scoured Amazon to find the best cheap (but expensive-looking) accents whether you work from home, have your own start-up or just have a desk you want to personalise. Below, everything from an arty concrete planter to a charming memo pad.

Cement Pencil Holder

Stop storing your pens in a Sports Direct mug and opt for something stylish.

Speaking of mugs: a cosmic take on enamelware that’s strong enough to withstand clumsy co-workers.

Space pens can write upside down and on vertical surfaces (plus they just look cool).

Or how about a classic Parker pen for a heavy dose of corner-office energy.

If your pens have a habit of being pinched by colleagues, stick to a multipack (that are still more upscale than a Bic).


Do offices still print stuff out? Either way, this hefty-looking stapler has a sort of designer appeal to it.

A brutalist-inspired way to keep your desk tidy, featuring hard-to-kill plants.

Or how about this neater one, if you’re short on space?

Aloe Vera Plant

An office plant will cheer things up. This spiky aloe is low-maintenance enough to handle sporadic watering.

Get an interesting pot for that plant, too.

If you have a shared office, or a bit more space, how about some bigger (more unusual) plants?

This mister looks like something you’d find in a flea market and will keep your plants happy.

Mondaine SBB Wall Clock

Give your office a spot of “Swiss railway” style.

Nobody likes pulling a late one, but you can at least pick a playful light to cheer you up.

This lemon-bright notebook will wake you up more than a cup of coffee during those 8 a.m. conference calls.

A memo a day keeps the doctor away.

A better alternative to Tupperware.

We really like these slablike marble bookends.

This stand folds flat, so you can stash it away if you’re not using it.


The bottle synonymous with keeping the Guardian staff hydrated is an essential thing to have by your side.


Blast some Charli XCX during your 4 p.m. slump with one of our expert recommended speakers.

Keep cables and headphones neat with this minimalist tidy.


Or go wireless with a pair of our expert-approved headphones.

This derpy little bird would be a nice addition to your desk space.


This stand comes with eight pegs which look substantial enough to hold big coats and umbrellas.

A charming to-scale model of the eight planets (RIP Pluto).

No one will know if you play with this while on conference calls.

Washi tape is so handy to have around, and this pack comes in an assortment of delightful hues.

VASAGLE Computer Desk

If you’re your own boss then you might need to actually get a desk. This one is under £60 and looks like it’s made from reclaimed wood.

EUCO Grey Desk Chair

Get a seat comfy enough you’ll not be tempted to work from your bed.

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32 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Office Accents