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17 Actually Stylish Plant Pots (You Can Buy on Amazon)

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When it comes to shopping for plants, we’ve done a lot of research. Previously, we’ve covered the best plants for patios, the best plants for beginners, and the best artificial plants (that are impossible to kill). One thing that all of these plants have in common, whether it’s an expert-recommended snake plant, or a status-y ficus, is that they each require their own pot. Whilst you can stick with the flimsy pot that plants are often sold with, investing in a delightful pot is an opportunity to elevate your greenery (literally, if you purchase a plant stand too).

So, we’ve referred back to our previous reporting on home décor, and sifted through a slew of products on Amazon, to find the plant pots that are worth the faff of repotting.

Whether you’re after some teensy planters for your succulents, or a cheap (but expensive-looking) ceramic pot for the hallway, we’re sure we’ve found something to your taste. Read on for a selection of pots suitable for plants both big and small, pots made from ceramics to cement, and even pots that you can hang (for those short of floor space).

This woven-rope basket has a set of sturdy handles, ideal for when you can’t quite settle on where to place that Monstera.

With an ornate floral design and slightly off-white hue, this small pot looks almost like a treasure from Portobello Road Market.

The glazing of this plant pot gives it an unusual texture, and the wooden stand means you can display your peace lily proudly.

Or a slightly more colourful option, perfect for potting a fern.

This plant pot is made of stone – but isn’t too heavy to lift, it only weighs 1.5 kilograms. It also has an inbuilt reservoir to prevent over-watering, and is available in seven different sizes, making it suitable for almost any plant.

If you’re fond of a print, this jolly ceramic pot will definitely add some sunshine to the windowsill.

The unique, sloped cut of this plant pot makes it appear effortlessly modern.

With a muted green shade and glossy shine, this plant pot (made from recycled plastic) looks as though it’s made of a glazed ceramic — for a fraction of the price.

For a dash of whimsy, this T. rex-shape pot is an ideal size for cacti and succulents. It also comes in a pretty pink shade.

Gold Dip Cement Planter

We like the juxtaposition of the pure cement against the dainty gold detailing.

These hexagonal ceramic pots can be fitted together to make a little succulent hive.

Brass Metal Planter

The simple brass finish of this pot will compliment the colour scheme of almost any room.

This silky, glossy elongated vase is actually self-watering — once the reservoir is filled with water, plants can feed themselves for a given time.

Macrame Plant Hanger

We love the rustic roping and bead detailing of this hanging planter.

This extra-large marble bowl is just the right size to curate your succulents.

This modular planter can fit on even the smallest of desks.

Triflora Hanging Pots

This hanging planter comes with a bar for mounting its three pots, meaning you can display your plants in the window without cluttering your windowsill.

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17 Actually Stylish Plant Pots (You Can Buy on Amazon)