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The Best Pyjamas for Women, According to Experts

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Pyjamas — we all seem to be living in them right now. And yet it’s still so hard to find the perfect set. The wishlist isn’t long. As a baseline, your PJs shouldn’t be too heavy, clingy or frumpy. Ideally they can also make it through a Zoom call without mockery, as anyone working from home knows. And if you can get away with wearing your pyjamas into The Outside, even better. Simple enough requirements, surely? Searching for advice and recommendations, we interviewed 14 cool women — from authors to TV presenters — who know a thing or two about loungewear. Below are the best brands at price points to fit everyone’s tastes, whether you’re looking for maximum comfort, or endless glamour.

Best overall pyjamas

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Asos got shoutouts from the most people we spoke to, with three separate recommendations. Freelance beauty and lifestyle writer Louise Whitbread rates the ASOS Design Lounge Sweat Jogger Set, which fits her two criteria for pyjamas: looking good while still being affordable. “I have grand dreams of a fur-lined floor-length robe and silk pyjamas to glide about the house in, but my budget just doesn’t allow for it.” She found this £30 set after trawling through ASOS’ entire nightwear section, and loves the way it fits, particularly on bigger boobs. “Having 36DD boobs and being a size 14 means finding bottoms isn’t a problem — but most loungewear sets leave me with a baggy, unflattering top.” This set covers everything comfortably — “and has pockets!”

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ASOS pyjamas’ high levels of comfort came up a lot. “I never wake up weirdly twisted in them or with weird markings on my skin,” said artist Natalya Lobanova, who’s had her pair for over two years. “They’re extremely breathable.” Freelance writer and editor of XXY Magazine, Tahmina Begum also mentioned the lightweight allure of ASOS. Fond of wearing a Bengali maxi to bed — “a printed light cotton dress you can buy in any South Asian store that is airy enough to nap in, but formal enough to get your errands and work done” — she recommended an ASOS maxi dress as a good online alternative.

Best (more expensive) overall pyjamas

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Travel, fashion and lifestyle journalist Lela London usually sleeps naked, so says pyjamas have to be “really special” to warrant her buying them. Sleeper is just such a pyjama. The fur-trimmed sets, available in block colours and patterns, are “as fit for mingling in bars as they are for lounging in bed.” Tahmina Begum also thinks an ultra-glam Sleeper set is worth the spend. “When I’m working from home, I think it’s crucial to get dressed. Or else I’ll be horizontal in bed,” she says. “Sleeper is perfect for this. I’m comfy enough for a potential nap but awake enough to get through my Trello board.”

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[Editor’s note: This product is currently out of stock.]

Best budget pyjamas

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Uniqlo came out on top in the budget category. “There’s just something about them that demands quiet, ease, and craft projects,” says author and self-confessed pyjama obsessive, Caroline O’Donoghue - whose next book, Scenes Of A Graphic Nature, is out now — of this set. Even more importantly, the button downs are long in the crotch, so you won’t “wake up to find the dreaded crotch seam wedged in the wrong place.”

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Chelsea Peers are the “absolute top tier” when it comes to pyjamas, says Caroline O’Donoghue. Plus they’re a god-send for anyone looking to send a gift to someone who needs a pick me up — something especially needed at the minute. “Every pair is so unbelievably comfortable that they have become my go-to gift whenever a friend or family member is sick or recovering from surgery.” Caroline also noted that the colours never fade, and that the range changes up frequently: “it’s a genuine treat to pop onto their website every couple of months to see what mad patterns they’ve got going on.” So far she counts orca whales, cats, tacos, corgis, sunflowers and watermelons among her collection. “Honestly, you can’t go wrong.”

Green and Pink’s ultra soft, silky pyjamas are the best for those who want luxurious feeling nightwear, without having to spend a huge amount. TV presenter Ria Hebden, loves the brand so much she bought a set for her best friend and has her own bespoke pair. “They’re a soft satin and always make me feel gorgeous after a long, relaxing soak in the bath.”

Best 100 percent cotton pyjamas

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Both Anna Sebastian and the Frugality editor Alex Steadman mentioned Hush’s Piped Cotton Pyjamas and their huge array of cheery prints. “Wearing these just makes your mornings a little bit brighter,” says Anna, who owns a matching set in a summery lemon print. “They’re the coolest prints for a decent price (£55) and great quality,” agrees Alex, who loves saving her bright pairs for lazy weekends at home. [Editor’s note: This product is currently out of stock.]

Best plus-size pyjamas

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Lifestyle writer and curve model Becky Barnes loves Kasbah’s wide range of sizes, which go up to a size 30. Predominantly working from home, she particularly recommends the Tamiya tunic top and trousers. The fabric is super soft and stretchy but “never stretches out of shape,” and despite being loungewear they’re still “smart enough to take video calls, answer the door or even nip out to the shop in”.

Best sustainable pyjamas

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Jay and Trina, who run the online empowerment platform Curlture, are big fans of eco-friendly brand Aff and Jam, who “upcycle clothes with their hand-painted designs.” They’re a mid-range price too, despite the artisanal nature of the pieces. The pair love the Cinnamon Rust Co Ord set, which is so beautiful it can be worn indoors and outdoors. “Inside, it’s great after a self care routine or for feeling comfy but vintage chic, and it can be worn as an artsy two piece outdoors.” Their exact set is no longer in stock, but we found a very similar style. [Editor’s note: Jay and Trina’s choice is currently unavailable, but we like this comfy tee.]

Best maternity pyjamas

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Illustrator and mum-of-two Becky Barnicoat really struggled with finding good maternity and postnatal pyjamas. Instead she ended up wearing her husband’s Gap pyjama bottoms with a comfy T-shirt. “They’re soft, comfy and good for a postnatal belly,” she says. “They have draw strings you can adjust, as well as an elasticated waist.” They come in size S to XL and are a very reasonable £24.95.

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Gap still does great PJs, even if you’re not expecting any new additions. “There’s just something very reassuring about them”, says bar manager at The Artesian, Anna Sebastian. She wears her printed poplin set – which came from the “really cute” new summer collection – on rainy days, or when the lockdown blues are particularly strong. [Editor’s note: Anna’s choice isn’t available currently, but we found this similar pyjama top with matching shorts.]

Best silk pyjamas

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Natalya Lobanova originally bought this Silk Laundry slip dress years ago as a fancy going-out dress (which is how she justified the purchase) but now wears it to bed as well. It’s a great example of how good silk is for sleepwear: “I think a lot of people have a bad impression of sleeping in silk, but they’re wrong. Real silk is incredible, soft and completely breathable.” She also noted that the dress is perfect for summer because it feels like you’re wearing nothing, “without the morning panic of putting a robe on to open the door for the postman that comes with actually sleeping naked.”

Best bloomers

When actress and model Florence Kosky isn’t stealing trackies from her boyfriend, she’s in Pretties Pointelle Bloomers and the V Neck Crop Frilly Tank. “They’re so sweet but still sexy,” she says. “It feels a little bit like dressing up in lingerie but way more comfortable and much lower maintenance.”

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What Are the Best Pyjamas for Women?