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22 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under £10

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

Whether you’re buying for a new valentine or your spouse of several years, finding something that is thoughtful, useful, actually nice, and also under £10 is something of a task. Luckily, we like a challenge at the Strategist UK. We’ve scoured the internet (and our archives) to find 19 gifts, all under £10, for even the hardest valentines to buy for. While most of the gifts are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. To find presents for everyone else on your list, visit our gift-guide hub.

For the valentine who leaves messages on the shower door

These heart-shaped notes will be perfect for any bons mots.

For the valentine who is all about ambience

These incense sticks come recommended by Corinne Bailey Rae.

For the valentine who is trying to reduce his plastic use

For the valentine who needs a spa day

These aesthetically pleasing exfoliating mitts will make sitting in a tub full of Radox feel like luxuriating at Soho Farmhouse.

For the valentine who does a mean roast chicken

Photo: retailer

Berbere, an Ethiopian spice mix, features fenugreek, cinnamon, and garlic, and is delicious used in soups, stews, and, yes, even the Sunday roast.

For the valentine who runs a little cold

Cosy socks are a universally appreciated gift.

For the valentine who is in three book clubs

This elastic bookmark includes a word marker so they can see exactly where they left off.

For the valentine who grinds their own coffee beans

You could get them a bag from a roaster they haven’t tried before, like Brixton’s Volcano coffee.

For the valentine who rates their snacks on TikTok

This selection pack of Joseph’s gourmet popcorn features some unusual flavours.

For the valentine who always has a biscuit at 4 p.m.

This chocolate from Pump Street is made with sourdough crumbs and sea-salt flakes.

For the valentine who just retired

Strategist staff writer Chris Mandle grows these bee-friendly flowers to help pollinate his courgettes. They’re also small enough to slip into a Valentine’s card.

For the valentine whose doodles should be framed

Photo: retailer

Rhodia notepads are suitably status-y, even if your valentine just wants to write the shopping list down.

A set of our best-in-class pens would go nicely with that notepad.

For the valentine who is a diligent hand washer

We like the slightly pharmaceutical design of this super-hydrating hand cream. (So do our readers: They bought dozens over Black Friday).

For the valentine who has never reheated a ready meal

This serrated knife is perfect for slicing tomatoes and would make a great gift for a cheffy valentine.

For your valentine who has their Uber Eats order down pat

For the valentine who still has a basil plant from 2018

These herb scissors feature five sets of blades and come with a cleaning brush.

For the valentine who’s trying out the pomodoro technique

For the valentine that has an Olaplex shelf

Strategist writer Rachael Griffiths swears by her own Tangle Teezer, which is compact enough to be popped into a handbag.

For the valentine that lost their keys (and their tile)

This cutesy cloud magnet can keep their keys and trinkets safe and sound.

For the valentine that brings their diffuser over when they stay

This bottle is designed to help them nod off, with notes of lavender and sandalwood.

For the valentine who doesn’t want to do presents

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22 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under £10