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35 Last-Minute Gifts on Amazon for the People You Almost Forgot About

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With December now mere days away, the length of your “still to buy for” list might be instilling a bit of panic. Luckily, our guide to last-minute gifts, all of which you can pick up on Amazon, will make the season a total breeze. We scoured the Strategist archives and sifted through hundreds of products on Amazon to find something for everyone on your list. Whether you need something for your office Secret Santa, or you need some stocking stuffers for your mum, dad, and boyfriend, we’ve got you covered. And for everyone else on your gift list, peruse our gift guide hub.

For your friend whose baby is into colours now


You might not have a hard and fast rule on gifting for your friends’ babies, but this interactive book is a great last-minute option.

For your colleague who snacks while she Slacks

Beat the 4 p.m. slump with a sugar hit.

For your aunt who has a ‘phone voice’

For the girlfriend who you’re just getting serious with

There’s no need for her to bring a toothbrush when she sleeps over anymore.

For your granddad who claims he doesn’t want anything this year

He won’t say no to an expert-recommended Scottish single malt.

For the dad who insists on running a marathon in 2022

Seedlip Garden 108

nonalcoholic gift would be perfect to keep his training on track.

For the dad who’s more into beer

He’ll still be able to train with this alcohol-free, craft-brewer-approved lager.

For your friend who just became a homeowner

For your school friend who’s always got a side hustle

Photographer Rankin, who told us he got into audiobooks to deal with his insomnia, recommends this book on embracing failure.

For the new friend from your NaMoWriMo group

Scrawling an inspirational message inside from their favourite author is entirely optional (but pretty cute).

For the friend that has strong opinions on nib width

Treat them to a fresh batch of pens — particularly this one, which topped our list when we tested 87 pens to find the best.

For your (remote) office Secret Santa

This stand folds flat so you can stash it away if you’re not using it.

For your book club’s Secret Santa

For the member who still thinks about Connell’s chain.

For your cousin, who’s a sneaker-head now

An essential bit of kit — especially if she’s buying second-hand from Depop.

For your teen sister who is into vinyl

Red, (Taylor’s Version)

If you think she’s tough enough to handle “All Too Well (10-Minute Version).”

For your kid’s primary-school teacher, who valiantly Zoomed their way through Key Stage 2

It’s up to them if they need to add something stronger.

For your housemate who steals your shower products

Ironically, you might find yourself borrowing this bergamot-infused body wash yourself.

For your boss, who is not a morning person


Perfect if you work for the kind of person who doesn’t miss Pret whatsoever.

For your Über-athletic cousin

Gritin Skipping Rope

Rocky montage optional.

For your new boyfriend’s little brother

Not only is this hot sauce delicious on leftovers, but it was featured on cult-y Youtube series Hot Ones.

For your friend, who’s been a bit frazzled

Even 15 minutes in the company of this de-stress candle would relax him.

For the sister-in-law who doodles

Illustrator and Strategist contributor Natalya Lobanova recommends this set for any budding artist.

For your mum who thinks the Bake Off result got it wrong

She can roll away her frustrations at Jürgen being booted from the tent.

For your stepbrother who just went freelance

“Being your own boss” doesn’t mean sleeping in. This alarm clock is a Strategist favourite.

For your niece, who’s way too young for scratchcards

There’s no way of knowing what’s inside, but keep everything crossed for the Bullet Bill.

For your clumsy friend with no insurance

This collapsable phone grip is godsend for anyone with butterfingers.

For your friend who is hosting Christmas this year

For the flatmate that forgets to meal-prep

This Massaman curry paste will ensure great flavour, even in the most hastily prepared of dinners.

For the brother that’s still working from home

A little (non-distracting) something to liven up his desk.

For the cousin that works nights

So they can escape the sunlight, luxuriously.

And the cousin that (definitely) doesn’t

Snooze-worthy, machine-washable pillowcases (made of 100 percent silk).

For your competitive flatmate

Tiny Towns is designed for two to six players, and is a Strategist favourite.

For the friend that refreshed the Red List all summer

Perhaps an airborne mojito will steady her nerves on her first flight this year.

For the grandma that hates waste

So she won’t have to cry over spilled (or flat) Prosecco.

For the person you’ve really left it to the last minute to buy for

A gift they’ll actually use, that will arrive almost instantly (regardless of any supply-chain issues).

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35 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy Now on Amazon