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43 Mother’s Day Gifts Under £20 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Mums can be difficult to buy for, so with Mother’s Day coming up on March 22, we’re here to help. At the Strategist, we’ve written about the best gifts for every type of mum, and we’ve looked into the best flowers you can buy online, too. We’ve even written about the best gifts under £10, but if you’re keen to splash out a bit more, here are our ideas for the best options under £20. They include a must-try lavender balm for frazzled mums, essential kitchen tools for the pastry connoisseur, and the perfect gift for the green-fingered mum in your life.

For the mum who is too competitive for Scrabble

A board game that is more about having a laugh than hitting that triple-word square.

For the mum who wishes she lived by the sea


This scrub contains sea kelp, which reduces inflammation, and green clay, which detoxifies the skin. It came recommended by Dr. Melanie Palm, a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego.

For the mum who only wants a card ‘and something small’ this year

For the mum who grinds her own peppercorns

A more interesting-looking alternative to the standard pestle-and-mortar sets you see in people’s kitchens.

For the mum who brags about her Boston fern

For the mum who is decidedly not green-fingered

A hardier (read: impossible to kill) alternative to fresh flowers.

Ceramic Vase Set

And here’s a nice set of glazed vases for her to style them in.

For the mum who has trouble switching off

This lavender-scented candle is supposed to promote relaxation (just make sure she blows the flame out before nodding off).

For the mum who loves gossip

‘Me,’ by Elton John

A must-read full of bawdy anecdotes.

For the mum who’s a little frazzled

For the mum who is getting into trail walks


The bottle synonymous with keeping the Guardian staff hydrated is an essential thing to take on a hike.

For the mum who bullet journals

This lemon-bright notebook is eye-catching enough not to get left on the kitchen table.

Fisher Space Pen M4

Throw in a pen for her to use too.

For the mum who doodles on her receipts

The mini version of our favourite wipe-clean, digitally compatible notebook is small enough to fit in a handbag.

For the mum who works from home

For the mum on one-percent battery

For the mum who loses her earrings on a fortnightly basis

The little ledge on this jewellery stand will stop earrings and hair grips going walkabout.

For the mum who loses her keys on a fortnightly basis

Now she can track them on her phone (as long as she hasn’t lost that, too).

For the mum who reads the restaurant menu in advance

The first cookbook from cult Indian restaurant Dishoom.

For the mum who bakes a mean galette

Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder writes that this dough-rolling bag “is the easiest way I’ve found to roll out my precious pie dough. I just lightly flour the inside, pop the chilled pie dough into the bag, zip it up, then roll it out.”

For the mum who insists on elevenses

For the mum who has time for just one cup

This was voted the best pour-over coffee maker by Celeste Wong, a barista, coffee/lifestyle blogger, and café consultant.

For the mum who’ll have a glass of prosecco, but just the one

For the mum who buys organic (and wants everyone to know)

Give all that farmers’-market fruit somewhere striking to sit in.

Why not get her something to replace that ratty farmers’-market tote bag.

For the mum whose fridge always contains half an onion.

Reusable for up to a year, these are an eco-friendly alternative to buying more plastic.

For the mum who believes in bad energy

Ward off negative vibes and light up a nightstand in one fell swoop.

For the mum who believes in layering

For the mum who is into beauty tutorials

Come for the nourishing multipack masks, stay for the adorable illustrations on the packets.

For the mum who spends Sunday watching Cheer

For the mum who can’t even keep her basil plant alive

OXO Good Grips Herb Keeper

This curious-looking basket sits in the fridge and keeps herbs hydrated without them sitting in water.

For the mum who insists on making her own shortcrust pastry

For the mum with an eight-cups-a-day habit

For the mum who always remembers bin-collection day

Make even the most thankless tasks feel a bit cozier.

For the mum who sings in the shower


This speaker has a six-hour battery (that’s a lot of Stupid Love on repeat).

For the mum who loves a good anecdote

Just the thing to read in the bath, featuring wisdom and insight from Bill Clinton, Margaret Atwood, and Anthony Bourdain.

For the mum who is not a morning person

A robust coffee blend from one of North Yorkshire’s finest exports.

For the mum who puzzles

These are Strategist U.K. editor Ailbhe Malone’s puzzle of choice. “The pictures are high quality and they’ve got a patented soft touch,” she says, making for a very pleasant way to pass the time.

For the mum who finds WhatsApp too impersonal

These postcards make great thank-you notes.

For the mum who always wants to swipe the hotel robe

Cotton Kimono Robe Wrap

Get her a soft, elegant robe she can feel truly spoilt in.

For the mum who dines alfresco

A large, easy-to-pack blanket she can take anywhere.

For the mum who likes preserves in the morning

For the mum who likes preserves at night


This gin features notes of Mediterranean marmalade and a hint of candied orange peel.

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43 Mother’s Day Gifts Under £20 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)