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The 45 Best Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon) for Every Type of Boyfriend

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy the retailer

With the Black Friday sales (and, gasp, Christmas) fast approaching, you may well be hunting for the perfect gift online. We’re here to help. Whatever you might be looking for — gifts for complex boyfriends, coffee-snob boyfriends, or boyfriends who can doodle — we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up dozens of options, from a suits-everyone cashmere scarf to the best vinyl for boyfriends who miss gigs.

For the boyfriend who stays up late to read

Powerful enough so he can keep page-turning, but not so intense it’ll keep you awake, too.

For the boyfriend who gets up early to read

Photo: retailer

He might like Ordinary People, which has drawn comparisons with Zadie Smith’s work for the way it explores themes of Black identity and motherhood.

For the boyfriend who kept his lockdown beard

If Queer Eye taught us anything, it’s that more men need to condition their facial hair.

For the boyfriend that’s more traditional, beard-wise

For boyfriend who gives you beard rash

As a last resort, how about a gift that makes your position on facial hair crystal clear?

For the boyfriend who is still mourning Glastonbury 2020

Since we don’t know when festivals (or gigs) will come back, improving his home set-up with this DJ-approved turntable would be a nice gift.

He’ll also need some records to play on it. Like Kano’s latest album.

From £17

Or how about the new Jessie Ware record, a.k.a. the soundtrack to a thousand lockdown discos?

After Hours, by The Weeknd

The synthy new record from the Weeknd would also be a nice addition to any vinyl collection.

For the boyfriend whose love language is ‘playlists’

Because roasting a chicken requires just the right tunes to go with it. Our panel of experts voted this as the best portable home speaker.

For boyfriend whose love language is ‘tacos al pastor’

Teach him to make his own tortillas and reap the (delicious) rewards.

For the boyfriend who takes out the bins

These slippers have a rubber sole, so he won’t slip.

For the boyfriend who is a Sunday snuggler

Photo: retailer

If you’re going to spend a whole day under a blanket, make sure it’s the comfiest one you can find.

For the boyfriend who misses dressing up

Photo: retailer

This book by the icon of eclectic fashion is part memoir, part moodboard (thanks to the glossy photo inserts featuring LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa).

For the boyfriend who hates whisky