1. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Knife SetsThe key is to make sure you don’t end up with a ton of blades and accessories you won’t use.
  2. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers, According to Baristas and Coffee RoastersIncluding electric kettles, a professional-grade espresso machine, and accessories that will guarantee a better brew.
  3. steal my party
    How to Host a Yakitori Party“First, I make sure guests have a drink and then I put them to work.”
  4. best in class
    The Very Best Compost BinsFrom an easy-to-clean countertop option to a system that can handle “the crazy Frankenstein stuff in the back of your fridge.”
  5. deal of the day
    Great Jones’ Pie Dish Is 25 Percent Off for Strategist Readers OnlyNow you know what to do with all that summer fruit.
  6. best in class
    8 of the Very Best Matcha PowdersWe asked matcha drinkers and bakers about their favorite tins.
  7. best in class
    10 of the Very Best Chef’s KnivesThe kitchen essential, to suit any budget.
  8. best in class
    9 of the Very Best Coffee MakersFor a solid, fuss-free way to caffeinate at home.
  9. best in class
    10 of the Very Best Espresso MakersThese will start your morning off right.
  10. deal of the day
    These Oxo Food-Storage Containers Are the Cheapest They’ve Been Since Last YearThey’re stackable and easy to clean, and have tight-fitting clip-on lids.
  11. strategist hive mind
    71 Summer Shopping TipsAn accumulation of proclamations and well-sourced recommendations from the Strategist staff.
  12. best in class
    8 of the Very Best BlendersPowerful machines to make smoothies, soups, nut butters, sauces, salsas, dressings, and more.
  13. deal of the day
    The Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer Is More Than 50 Percent Off Today OnlyIt’s the cheapest it’s been in more than a year.
  14. saw something said something
    We Admired, Then Tracked Down the Jars in HAGS’s BathroomThe new East Village restaurant put an unusual level of detail into its restroom.
  15. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Food-Storage ContainersMake your pantry and refrigerator easier to navigate and food less likely to go bad.
  16. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Kitchen Trash CansNo more wasted space for your waste.
  17. best in class
    8 of the Very Best Waffle-MakersFor all the not-pancake people.
  18. deal of the day
    Great Jones’ Expert-Approved Holy Sheet Pans Are on Sale for 25 Percent OffPro cooks tell us these are the best of the best — and now you can snag two of them at a discount.
  19. prime day 2022
    The Best Amazon Prime Day Kitchen DealsStock up on essential dish soap and a beauty of a steak-knife set at the same time.
  20. steal my vacation
    Natasha Pickowicz’s Week of Hot Springs and Green-Chile Everything in New MexicoJames Beard Awards–nominated restaurants, mineral baths, and Earthships.
  21. best in class
    The Very Best SkilletsFor all your sautéing, searing, frying, and baking needs.
  22. deal of the day
    Fly by Jing’s Trio of Spicy, Savory, Umami-Rich Condiments Is 20 Percent OffThere’s little you can’t do with them.
  23. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Travel MugsCut back on waste and enjoy a better cup of coffee.
  24. best in class
    The Very Best Milk FrothersWe’ve got electric, handheld, stovetop, and manual options for all your milk-frothing needs.
  25. deal of the day
    Our Most Recommended Water Bottle Is Up to 25 Percent Off TodayInsulated, secure, and sleek.
  26. this thing’s incredible
    This Funnel Will Save Your Wine From Cork Bits (and Make It Taste Better)Camille Lindsley, beverage director at NYC’s HAGS, says the gadget comes in handy more often than you might think.
  27. best in class
    13 of the Very Best Water BottlesAlways be hydrating.
  28. best in class
    The Very Best WoksFor your stir-fries, fried rices, stews, braises, and even popcorn.
  29. father’s day 2022
    The Best Gifts for Foodie DadsFoolproof ideas for the dad who says the quickest way to his heart is through his stomach.
  30. father’s day 2022
    The Best Food Gifts for Every Type of DadFrom Maryland crab cakes to New York cheesecake.
  31. best in class
    The 6 Very Best Rice CookersFrom the luxury Japanese model to the best for crowds.
  32. best in class
    9 of the Very Best Electric KettlesBoil water with efficiency and style.
  33. deal of the day
    KitchenAid’s Pro Stand Mixer Is More Than 30 Percent Off Today OnlyIt’s a piece of equipment you’ll have for decades.
  34. best in class
    The Very Best Immersion BlendersWhile many people own a blender, the smaller and overall less-expensive immersion blender can handle a lot of the same cooking tasks with less fuss.
  35. best in class
    12 of the Very Best Coffee GrindersYour morning cup of coffee is only as good as the beans you use — and the beans you use will only be good if you grind them yourself.
  36. this thing’s incredible
    Rick Martínez’s Recipe for ‘Mind-Blowing’ Tortillas Starts With This IngredientIt’s made from heirloom corn grown in Mexico.
  37. best in class
    12 of the Very Best Olive OilsAll the liquid gold you could possibly need.
  38. deal of the day
    Great Jones’s Perfect Sheet Pan Is 25 Percent Off Right NowIt’s a very good excuse to upgrade.
  39. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Sheet PansIncluding a heavy-duty, restaurant-quality option to buy in bulk and an Instagram-ready one.
  40. best in class
    11 of the Very Best Air FryersCustard toast at the ready.
  41. mother’s day 2022
    The Best Food Gifts for Every Type of MomWhether or not you’re celebrating with her, an edible treat is guaranteed to please.
  42. deal of the day
    Fly by Jing’s Runaway-Hit Chili Crisp Is 25 Percent Off Right NowThere’s so much you can do with it, we’d snag two.
  43. this thing’s incredible
    The Clever Tool That Makes Sure Your Cakes Come Out Perfectly Every TimeNo more sticking.
  44. best in class
    10 of the Very Best Microwave OvensWhether you want to reheat leftovers or actually cook in yours, there’s a model for you.
  45. deal of the day
    Our Place’s Much-Beloved Always Pan Is 20 Percent Off Right NowThere’s nothing this pan can’t do.
  46. this thing’s incredible
    The Jarred Sauce Grub Street’s Diner-at-Large Uses When She Has a Rare Night OffWriting deadlines don’t leave time for intricate dinners.
  47. the strategist
    This Chef-Approved Set of Grilling Gear Is Now Under $15All you need are tongs and a spatula.
  48. best in class
    The 6 Very Best Panini PressesThey’re good for a lot more than just sandwiches.
  49. best in class
    The 7 Very Best Rice CookersWhether you want a cheap and simple model or a technologically savvy machine with lots of settings.
  50. deal of the day
    Misen’s Nonstick Pan Is 40 Percent Off Right NowFinally, some good supply-chain news.
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