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  1. the strategist
    What Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas Can’t Live WithoutIncluding the beanie that she copied from her client Julianne Moore.
  2. art
    NYC Almost Killed This Artist, But Now, at 40, She’s BackShannon Cartier Lucy was an up-and-coming artist (and nanny to bigger artists) but had to flee the city. Then someone saw her new work on Instagram …
  3. ask a cool person
    What’s The Best Cross-body Travel Bag?“It’s a sleek bag that looks just as at home at a nice restaurant as it does on the Global Entry line.”
  4. strategist investigates
    Why Is Everyone in the Office Dressed to Go Skiing?Street Ski is a logical next step for athleisure.
  5. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Socks for Women?A sock for every occasion.
  6. ask a cool person
    What’s the Best Tote Bag?Ten totes that aren’t the New Yorker tote.
  7. recommended by experts
    What Are the Best Workout Leggings for Women?Eleven fitness pros tell us their favorites.
  8. this thing's incredible
    The Best Thing I Bought Last Decade Is a Set of L.L. Bean Tote BagsThough the bags are having a “moment,” the real draw is their longevity.
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Artforum Editor-in-Chief David Velasco Can’t Live Without“The simplicity of putting a pod in a machine and hitting a button is magical.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    What La DoubleJ Founder J.J. Martin Can’t Live Without“Ayahuasca, energy healing, shamans, the yoni group, Yin Yoga, meditation, qi gong — name it, I’ve done it.”
  11. holiday gift guide 2019
    A Recent Discovery: The Met Museum Store Has Some Rather Cool JewelryHear us out.
  12. gifts they might actually want
    The 39 Best Travel Gift Ideas, According to Frequent TravelersFrom a space pen to indestructible headphones.
  13. the strategist
    From a Sardis Umbrella to a Frick Cap: A New York City Merch Gift GuideFor the person who thinks it’s a helluva town.
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Actress Felicity Jones Can’t Live Without“I just love Wednesday Addams’s style, how deadpan she is, and how she doesn’t try too hard.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Yeardley Smith (the Voice of Lisa Simpson) Can’t Live Without“If I wasn’t an actress, I would have liked to be a professional princess.”
  16. cyber monday
    If You Buy One Thing Today, Make It These Crisp Cotton J.Crew PajamasAt over 60 percent off, they’re cheap enough to buy two.
  17. recommended by experts
    The Best Hairbrushes, According to Hairstylists“It’s a great scalp massage and scalp stimulator, which can possibly encourage hair growth.”
  18. strat investigates
    Why Do Almost 400 Flight Attendants Own This $24 Jumpsuit?“Every single person started getting it, and now they call it the unofficial flight-attendant uniform.”
  19. celebrity shopping
    What National Book Foundation Executive Director Lisa Lucas Can’t Live Without“So the deal on this stuff is that it looks like a brown gelatinous mess and it smells like Alpo and it makes your face magic.”
  20. testing testing
    I Tried Quip’s New Dental FlossThe brand claims it’s “The first floss you’ll want to use.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Diptyque Creative Director Myriam Badault Can’t Live Without“My boys say I am a dinosaur — nobody has an iPod any more.”
  22. recommended by experts
    The Best Conditioners, According to Hairstylists and Salon Owners“The reparative work this does is second to none.”
  23. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Photographers, According to Photographers and Photo EditorsBecause you can do better than a camera-lens-shaped coffee mug.
  24. i keep seeing this
    Kindercore: A Decidedly Toddler-esque MovementThe primary-colored collision of Bauhaus, Memphis Milano, and maximalism.
  25. recommended by experts
    The Best Shampoos, According to Hairstylists and Salon OwnersFor dry hair, thinning hair, frizzy hair, and curls.
  26. art
    Hirshhorn Museum Celebrates Intergenerational Artist CrushesLawrence Weiner and Catherine Opie, pothead pals.
  27. celebrity shopping
    What Designer Agnès B. Can’t Live Without“I’m like Marilyn Monroe — I always sleep naked with a little perfume.”
  28. expert-approved gifts
    Trend Forecasters on Men’s Gifts to Buy Before They Sell OutThere’s something for every guy on your list — but act fast.
  29. expert-approved gifts
    Trend Forecasters on Women’s Gifts to Buy Before They Sell OutIncluding some fashion UGGs and “sloungewear.”
  30. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: Can You Find Me a ‘Cool’ Puffer Jacket for $180 or Less?We come to the aid of a sartorially challenged reader looking for a “short, cool puffer jacket that basically goes with everything.”
  31. ask a cool person
    The Best Men’s Crewneck Sweatshirts, According to Stylish Men“It feels like your dad wore it for the duration of the ’70s then you pulled it out of the attic and it’s still perfect.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Julius Randle of the New York Knicks Can’t Live Without“Honestly, if you ask any athlete about it, I’ll guarantee you they’re going to know about it.”
  33. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying TurtlenecksTurtlenecks for all occasions, from staying in to going out.
  34. celebrity shopping
    What K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Can’t Live Without“My protein shake every morning is an orange, chicken breast, greens, then an apple and banana. Sounds disgusting, but it’s actually good.”
  35. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Black Flats Under $200?“It could be from the ’90s or today and will look relevant for years to come.”
  36. testing testing
    I Tested Out 7 New Machine Washable Silk BrandsFor those of us who love silk but hate paying for the dry cleaner.
  37. recommended by experts
    The Best Cooling Sheets for Sweaty Sleepers, According to Sleep ExpertsSome crisp sheets for when you’re always chasing the cool side of the pillow.
  38. ask a cool person
    What Is the Best Women’s Underwear?We asked stylists, rappers, models, and designers about their favorites.
  39. strat investigates
    What Is This Year’s Status Halloween Candy?One food writer calls it “so freaking good.
  40. celebrity shopping
    What Lily Aldridge Can’t Live Without“This was one of the first things that I bought that was like, Wow, I’ve made it.”
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Restaurateur Emily Hyland Can’t Live Without“I feel like there’s all this wellness stuff on my list, so I might as well have a real, honest vice.”
  42. ask a cool person
    The Best Gifts for Artists, According to ArtistsIncluding art supplies, a juicy 19th-century journal, and designer shoes.
  43. celebrity shopping
    What Patrisse Cullors Can’t Live WithoutIncluding her favorite vampire book and the earrings she found on J.Lo’s Instagram.
  44. recommended by experts
    The Best Tweezers for Hair Removal, According to AestheticiansFor eyebrow shaping, ingrown dislodging, and banishing errant face hairs.
  45. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best White Sneakers for Women?16 stylish ladies weigh in.
  46. gifts they might actually want
    31 Gifts for Every Type of Mother-in-Law (That You Can Buy on Amazon)Even if you still don’t know her very well, you always want to impress her.
  47. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Bathrobes for Women?We asked spa owners and loungewear and lingerie designers about their favorites.
  48. strat investigates
    What Recorder Does the Reporter Played by Julia Stiles in Hustlers Use?The prop master gives us the lowdown.
  49. painless shopping
    35 Striped Tees for Every Kind of PersonPreppy, grungy, minimalist, and maximalist stripes for all.
  50. celebrity shopping
    What Jacqueline Woodson Can’t Live WithoutThe ‘Red at the Bone’ author on her favorite book, wine, and soda maker.
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