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  1. reckoning with a reckoning
    White People Are SquirmingEight writers on what happens when the people around you are suddenly forced to confront race.
  2. in context
    The Books Morgan Jerkins Read While Writing Caul BabyIncluding a novel that’s basically a turn-of-the-century “Malcolm and Marie.”
  3. reading lists
    The Best Books About Environmental Justice, According to ExpertsFrom a practical guide to farming while Black to a comprehensive history of the conservation movement in America.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Your 30s“Neck cream is the new eye cream.”
  5. natural hair week
    The Best Hair Bonnets, According to ExpertsIncluding a minimal-looking one beloved by Strategist staffers and celebrities alike.
  6. natural hair week
    Everything You Need to Know About Hair SteamingAnd the best ones to get the job done.
  7. natural hair week
    How to (Safely) Take Down a Protective Style and Detangle Natural HairFrom a split-end-sealing serum to a heat-activated hair mask.
  8. natural hair week
    How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair, If You’re Newly NaturalThree words: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  9. natural hair week
    I’ve Finally Mastered My Twist Out — Here’s Everything I UseIt took hundreds of attempts to get right.
  10. natural hair week
    I Wear My Grace Eleyae Bonnet Both to Bed and on Zoom CallsIt keeps my hair healthy and functions as a part-time hat.
  11. recommended by experts
    The Best Removable Wallpaper, According to Interior DesignersPeel, stick, and repeat.
  12. natural hair week
    How to Build a Black-Owned Hair-Care RoutineFrom the Mason Pearson of natural hairbrushes to the hair oil that’s basically lip gloss for your hair.
  13. steal my registry
    What the Founders of Blk Mkt Vintage Put on Their Wedding RegistryIncluding a Smeg toaster, a Faith Ringgold silk screen, and a splurgy Moroccan wool rug.
  14. recommended by experts
    The Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin, According to DermatologistsThat won’t make you look like a greaseball.
  15. recommended by experts
    The Best Sunscreens for Your Face, According to DermatologistsIncluding options for sunscreen-phobic acne sufferers.
  16. celebrity shopping
    What Singer Bryson Tiller Can’t Live WithoutEvery time I put them on, I feel like I’m in the movie. No other shoe can make me feel like that.
  17. the group portrait
    Black Queer Brooklyn Is Almost ReunitedAnd it feels so good.
  18. recommended by experts
    The Best Shampoos, According to Hairstylists and Salon OwnersFor dry hair, thinning hair, frizzy hair, and curls.
  19. celebrity shopping
    What Rapper Big Freedia Can’t Live WithoutThey come in handy at the weirdest moments, whether I am putting my hair together, pinning a little piece to my head, or need to clean my ears.
  20. painless shopping
    27 Great-Smelling Candles From Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding one of Issa Rae’s favorites.
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Hike Clerb’s Evelynn Escobar-Thomas Can’t Live Without“This is the one meal-replacement bar that I actually enjoy.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    What Yowie Founder Shannon Maldonado Can’t Live Without“This feels like the vintage shirts I wear, but in a reimagined lightweight cotton.”
  23. recommended by experts
    The Best Products for Curly Hair, According to Hair ExpertsIncluding a product that works “on every single curl type — loose, wavy, tight curls, tightly coiled, all of it.”
  24. in context
    The Books Danielle Evans Read While Writing The Office of Historical CorrectionsIncluding Toni Morrison’s sixth book and a collection of poetry by Lucille Clifton.
  25. celebrity shopping
    What Regina King Can’t Live Without“There are those people who sip on cognac; for tequila drinkers, this is our cognac.”
  26. recommended by experts
    How to Get Rid of (and Prevent) Acne Scars, According to DermatologistsFor pimples that are gone but not forgotten.
  27. recommended by experts
    The Best Hair Products for Kids and Babies With Natural HairFrom a fragrance-free shampoo and body-wash hybrid to ultrarich conditioners.
  28. trust me i should know
    A Christmas-Pajamas Enthusiast’s Favorite Matching SetsIncluding a Skims dupe that’s half the price.
  29. recommended by experts
    The Best Products for High-Porosity and Low-Porosity HairIncluding a handheld hair steamer that natural-hair gurus swear by.
  30. celebrity shopping
    What Novelist Bryan Washington Can’t Live Without“I got three pairs for myself — a mint-green one, a blue one, and a pink one — and they’re my go-to gift.”
  31. in context
    The Books Yaa Gyasi Read While Writing Transcendent KingdomIncluding one that chronicles the history of cancer.
  32. office swag
    New York Magazine’s New Book Is HereIt’s an encyclopedia of things created in the city, including Scrabble (1931 in Jackson Heights), and the elevator (inside Cooper Union in 1853).
  33. recommended by experts
    How to Build a Black-Owned Skin-Care RoutineFrom a cleansing oil with plankton extract that helps with hyperpigmentation to Fenty’s Fat Water.
  34. in context
    The Books Brit Bennett Read While Writing Her OwnIncluding one about faking your own death in the 21st century.
  35. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: Can You Find Me a Mint Skin Moisturizer?Welcome to the incredibly specific world of mint-infused skin care.
  36. strategist investigates
    In-Stock Hand Sanitizer, From Unlikely SourcesWith hand sanitizer from the usual suspects scarce, lots of unconventional brands have adjusted their production to meet demands.
  37. this thing’s incredible
    I Own 4 of This $15 Red Lipstick, and I’ll Buy AnotherIt’s the makeup equivalent of those magical jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
  38. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Take Care of 4C HairIncluding “the Mason Pearson of natural hair.”
  39. this thing’s incredible
    This Baby Balm Disappears My Itchy, Inflamed Mosquito BitesIt’s vegan, cruelty-free, and feels like Vaseline.
  40. micro sales
    Everything Worth Copping at Herbivore Botanicals 30 Percent Off SaleA dead-skin-buffing scrub, a facial oil that makes me shimmery, and a exfoliating facial-in-a-jar.
  41. reading lists
    The Best Children’s Books for LGBTQ+ Families, According to ExpertsIncluding one about two penguins who raise an egg.
  42. recommended by experts
    The Best Drugstore Liquid Eyeliners, According to Makeup ArtistsIncluding the one Amy Winehouse used.
  43. recommended by experts
    How to (Safely and Hygienically) Tattoo Yourself, According to Tattoo ArtistsFrom how to set up your workspace to the best needles to use.
  44. recommended by experts
    The 16 Best Lesser-Known French Beauty Products, According to Beauty ExpertsIncluding a gold-infused nectar and a breastfeeding cream.
  45. made in korea
    The Best K-Beauty Skin-Care Products, According to Bloggers and VloggersIncluding several under-the-radar creams, serums, and masks.
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Rapper Saweetie Can’t Live Without“It makes me feel like a bad b-tch.”
  47. recommended by experts
    The Best Red Lipsticks, According to Makeup Artists and Beauty ExpertsFrom Ruby Woo to Rihanna’s Fenty Stunna Lip Paint.
  48. ask a cool person
    The Best Press-Ons, According to Devoted Press-On WearersIf applied properly, they can last up to two weeks.
  49. ask a cool person
    The Best Loungewear for Plus-Size People, According to Loungewear EnthusiastsFrom Fruit of the Loom sweats to coordinated workout sets.
  50. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Shape Your Brows at Home, According to a Brow ExpertFrom a flexible clear gel to tight-closure tweezers.
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