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Big Plants. Small Space

  1. big plants small space
    My (Exceedingly Easy) Pruning Method Works for Ficuses, Devil’s Ivy, and MorePruning can sound like a daunting, tool-filled task, but it’s actually easy when you know how.
  2. big plants small space
    This Holiday Houseplant Gives Christmas Joy All Year RoundThe perfect evergreen way to spread Christmas love, joy, and happiness for seasons to come.
  3. big plants small space
    Everything You Need to Grow Winter Bulbs (Without a Garden)All the tools you need to help your flowers thrive through winter.
  4. big plants. small space
    These 8 Houseplants Will Thrive in Even the Darkest, Shadiest NooksShade-loving plants can often feel like the second tier of the plant world, but that’s not the case.
  5. big plants small space
    The 3 Tools I Rely On to Stop My Dozens of Ferns From Going CrispyAll ferns require a certain level of humidity, which is where anyone experiencing a crispy-edged indoor fern crisis is probably going wrong.
  6. big plants small space
    This Dramatic, Big-Leafed Floor Plant Is a Ficus Without the HassleAlthough deservedly saturated on Instagram due to their handsome form, Ficus lyrata are finicky plants.