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  1. recommended by experts
    The Best Ways to Prevent Thigh Chafe When It’s Hot and Humid OutsideThirteen experts recommend the anti-chafe products they rely on, from balms to powders and garter-style leg bands.
  2. best in class
    The 6 Very Best Electric ToothbrushesIncluding oscillating, sonic, inexpensive, and extra-quiet options.
  3. trust me i should know
    I’ve Been Doing Yoga at Home for 10 Years. Here’s Everything I Use.Including biodegradable mats, cork blocks, lemongrass mat cleaner, and the comfiest leggings.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    I Put These Patches on My Butt and Mosquitoes Don’t Even Know I ExistI’ve actually watched a mosquito approach me, linger a while, and then buzz off.