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  1. painless shopping
    16 (Actually Stylish) Artificial PlantsFrom ferns to fiddle-leaf figs, we scoured the internet for actually nice-looking faux plants.
  2. best in class
    The 7 Very Best Plants for Balconies and PatiosWhether your space is shady, a sun-trap, or tight for space, we’ve found a plant for you.
  3. big plants small space
    Here’s the Advice I Give to Every Beginner Plant Parent.Being a better plant parent is not really about being “green-fingered.” It’s more often about choosing the right plants for you and your space.
  4. big plants small space
    My Favourite (Less Obvious Than Roses) Houseplants to Give on Valentine’s DayI’d take a heart-shaped houseplant over a bunch of 12 red roses every time.
  5. big plants small space
    My (Exceedingly Easy) Pruning Method Works for Ficuses, Devil’s Ivy, and MorePruning can sound like a daunting, tool-filled task, but it’s actually easy when you know how.
  6. recommended by experts
    How to Care for Your House Plants in Winter, According to ExpertsIncluding advice on watering them, giving them enough light, and providing the best temperature — as well as the best tools for the job.
  7. plant week
    17 Actually Stylish Plant Pots (You Can Buy on Amazon)From self-watering troughs, to cheap-but-nice-looking ceramic pots.
  8. big plants small space
    This Dramatic, Big-Leafed Floor Plant Is a Ficus Without the HassleAlthough deservedly saturated on Instagram due to their handsome form, Ficus lyrata are finicky plants.
  9. plant week
    Try As They Might, My Mischievous Cats Can’t Knock Over This Stylish PlanterThe surprising weightiness of the legs and the low centre of gravity kept the planter still through even the most stubborn of pushes.