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  1. strategist investigates
    What’s the Next Status Candle?(That isn’t Diptyque.)
  2. strategist investigates
    17 Toys to Buy Before They Sell Out, According to Trend ForecastersIncluding Baby Yoda, Mr Tumble, and LEGO Dots.
  3. strategist investigates
    An Unlikely Tale of the Amazon Coat That Took Over the Upper East SideIt now has an Instagram account.
  4. strategist investigates
    How to Wear a Face Mask With Glasses (Without Them Falling Off or Fogging)We asked an operating theatre nurse, NHS worker, and spectacle manufacturers for the best tips and advice.
  5. strategist investigates
    How To Help NHS and Frontline Workers During the Coronavirus CrisisHow to donate food, PPE, toiletries, or even just your time.
  6. strategist investigates
    After an Involved Hunt, I Tracked Down Joe Exotic’s Pink Western Wedding ShirtA follower of mine from Oklahoma wrote to me to say he was sure Joe had shopped for the shirt at either Mettry’s or Steppin’ Out.
  7. strategist investigates
    Why Does Every Fashionable Person in Berlin Wear Their Phones Around Their Neck?I once saw someone in my local Rewe supermarket grabbing oat milk who had coordinated her biscuit-coloured handykette with her camel coat.
  8. strategist investigates
    What’s the Next Status Plant (That Isn’t a Fiddle-leaf Fig)?“The next big tree is Ficus Audrey, 100 per cent.”