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  1. this thing’s incredible
    The Most Popular Swimsuit at Tooting Lido Is Made From Recycled Plastic“It’s extremely flattering on all body shapes. I’ve seen it worn by women between 18 and 80 years old in the lido.”
  2. plant week
    These Dorky Seed Mats Mean I Can Have a Vegetable Patch in My East London FlatI’d stumbled upon a way to grow my own vegetables, while skipping the decades-long waiting list for an allotment in London.
  3. plant week
    This £14 Solar Fountain Turns My Garden Into a Veritable North London VersaillesI’ve sent proud photos to every group chat — from a patio-gardening friend in Stoke Newington to a rooftop gardener pal in St Gilles.
  4. plant week
    This £6 German Self-Watering Doodad Helps Me Keep My Many Plants AliveIt’s made from plastic, which means its frost free and can work with outside plants as well as indoor ones.
  5. plant week
    Try As They Might, My Mischievous Cats Can’t Knock Over This Stylish PlanterThe surprising weightiness of the legs and the low centre of gravity kept the planter still through even the most stubborn of pushes.
  6. this thing’s incredible
    I Bulk-Buy This £3 Dupe for My Beloved M.A.C ‘Chestnut’ Lip LinerIt’s extremely pigmented, like “Chestnut,” and gives you that perfect ’90s chocolate shade of brown.
  7. this thing’s incredible
    This £30(ish) Nap-esque Dress Is Fast Becoming My Summer UniformI’ve worn it to the park, a kids’ music class, dinner, and a happy hour with friends — where one ordered it on the spot after I told her the price.
  8. this thing’s incredible
    My Chunky Glasses Chain Gets Way More Compliments Than Any NecklaceLike every spontaneous purchase I’ve made in the last year and a half, I first saw my glasses chain on TikTok.
  9. dupes week
    I Use This Jumbo Chilly’s Dupe to Take My Chardonnay to the ParkIt can easily house a whole bottle (and is great for batch cocktails and cold brew, too).
  10. dupes week
    I Buy This Pixi Toner Dupe in Bulk (and Then Bring It Back to Berlin With Me)At £7 for 100ml, the tonic is about half the price of Pixi but just as effective.
  11. dupes week
    These (Absurdly Cheap) Cubitts Dupes Made Me Finally Ditch My Contacts“They make me look like I could appear as the hot-but-relatable daughter in an ’80s sitcom family, which is all I really ask for in eyewear.”
  12. dupes week
    This Miracle Night Cream Gives a Rich-Person Glow Without the La Mer Price TagI live in fear that this cream will be discontinued, so much so that I buy it in threes from Liberty.
  13. dupes week
    This Nonalcoholic Nightcap Looks and Tastes Not Unlike an Old-FashionedIt feels like a grown-up goodnight drink — not as grandmother-y as herbal tea but less likely to induce a hangover than a traditional nightcap.
  14. dupes week
    This Lampshade Is a Philips Hue Dupe (for a Third of the Price)A chameleonic lampshade that made our house a home.
  15. dupes week
    These £14 Tees Are the Jewels of My Extensive, 48-Piece T-Shirt Collection“One friend swore she had been eyeing up the same thing in Dover St Market. Little did she know that my version gave me change from a 20.”
  16. this things incredible
    The Best (Minimalist, Stylish) Bra for Big Boobs Costs Just £32It’s the only bra I’ve tried that I can wear for a full day (without ending up in genuine pain).
  17. this thing’s incredible
    I Can Finally Camp Comfortably Thanks to This Sleeping Bag for Side-SleepersNo more cold spots or zippers digging into my hips.
  18. this thing’s incredible
    Within Just Two Hours, This Toilet-Shaped Potty Prevailed Where Others Didn’t“I often found my daughter sitting on the Nuby of her own accord — it turns out it doubled up as a handy cartoon-watching chair.”
  19. this thing’s incredible
    These Magnetic Sticky Notes Make Me Crazy ProductiveFor once, I have a reliable method of organising my thoughts in a way that also makes me feel creative.
  20. this thing’s incredible
    This (Light, Comfy) Camping Chair Takes Up Less Space Than a Pair of TrainersMy chair and I have wild camped all over west Scotland, from the depths of the Quiraing on Skye to the banks of Loch Ard.
  21. this thing’s incredible
    I Bought One, Then Two, Then Three Pairs of These No-Gape JeansI have never, ever owned jeans that did not gape at the back, but these fit perfectly right out of the box.
  22. this thing’s incredible
    I Have Been Loyal to These Machine-Washable Slippers for Over Half a Decade’Each time I slide my feet into them, they feel like the seldom luxury of fluffed hotel down pillows.’
  23. this thing’s incredible
    This Microwavable Heated Cap Is the Star of My Wash DayThanks to my Hot Head, regular deep conditioning has never been so easy.
  24. this thing’s incredible
    The Perfect Summer Perfume Is a Spanish Baby Cologne“Quickly, I forgot about my long-lost Coco Mademoiselle.”
  25. this thing’s incredible
    I Buy This French Shower Oil by the LitreI’ve stuck loyally by it, purchasing a litre bottle every few months for the past three years.
  26. this thing’s incredible
    I Finally Found a Sustainable Toothpaste That Actually Protects My TeethYou get a sustainably packaged duo of toothpaste tubes, one for the day, and one for the night, plus a bamboo toothbrush.
  27. this thing’s incredible
    I Forsook Fenty for This Creamy, Glowy Too Faced ConcealerWhenever I post a selfie wearing it, I receive compliments — and when I tweet my love for the product, my mentions fill with women who feel the same.
  28. this thing’s incredible
    This Quinoa Conditioner Quenches My Afro Hair Like No OtherThe best thing? I’ve had the same results every time I’ve used it.
  29. this thing’s incredible
    This Magical Grout Paint Fixed My Botched Bathroom Tiles“After I was done, multiple people immediately slid into my DMs to ask me where they could buy it themselves (you’re welcome, Amazon).”
  30. this thing’s incredible
    This Natural Deodorant Is the Most Effective I’ve Ever UsedAnd it smells as good as Glossier You.
  31. this thing’s incredible
    These TikTok-Famous Leggings Far Surpass My LululemonsFrom Lizzo to my FYP, the leggings were everywhere.
  32. this thing’s incredible
    I’m a Craft Brewer, But I’m Seldom Without This Alcohol-Free LagerWhether I’m heading to a picnic or standing by the window at sunset, I crack open the golden bottle and everything temporarily feels like a holiday.
  33. celebrity shopping
    Model Adwoa Aboah’s Favourite Journal Is This £4 Notebook“Its simple lined pages are all the prompt my mind needs to go in any direction I feel like going in.”
  34. this thing’s incredible
    It’s Painfully Expensive, But This Toner Made My Hyperpigmentation History“Friends and family were constantly complimenting me on my skin’s glowiness.”
  35. this thing’s incredible
    This Dinky Clip-On Lamp Lets Me Read in Bed (and Doubles as a Ring Light)Controlled by touch, the lamp offers three light tone options: white, warm yellow, and a mix of the two.
  36. sleep week
    I Wear My Grace Eleyae Bonnet Both to Bed and on Zoom CallsIt keeps my hair healthy and functions as a part-time hat.
  37. sleep week
    After Years of Hunting for the Perfect Earplugs, It Turns Out They’re Under £5They come on train journeys in case I need a nap; they’re a crucial travel partner on long-haul flights to block out the babies.
  38. sleep week
    My White Sheets Stay Free of Self-Tanner Thanks to This Silky Sleeping BagMy boyfriend hardly even notices when I’m sleeping in it.
  39. sleep week
    This Latex Pillow Is So Good, I Take It on HolidayThe thought of being separated from my pillow for even one night fills me with dread.
  40. sleep week
    These £14 Silk Pillowcases Afford Me Cut-Price Elegance (and Frizz-Free Hair)When I first opened them, the silk was so shiny it made my old silk pillowcases look like crêpe.
  41. sleep week
    This Magical Buckwheat Pillow Eases My Neck Cramps, Back Pains, and InsomniaIt’s been a lifesaver this year through quarantine, as I’ve spent a record number of hours simply lying in bed.
  42. sleep week
    This Alarm Clock Gives Me Two Extra Hours of Sleep Every NightIt’s deliciously retro in style, and small — about the size of a pound of butter but light as a feather.
  43. sleep week
    I Tell Anyone Who Will Listen About This Sleep-Granting Body CreamMy sleep app has the proof.
  44. sleep week
    No Matter How I Toss and Turn at Night, This Stylish Bonnet Simply Doesn’t ShiftThis bonnet has added inches to my hair.
  45. sleep week
    I Buy These Heated Eye Masks in Bulk, and Float Away in Relaxation Before BedI always have some in my bedside drawer to comfort me in times of need, and I take them on holidays now too.
  46. this thing’s incredible
    This £35 Argos Printer Has Turned Me Into Somewhat of an EvangelistWhen I posted about the printer on Instagram, ten people instantly responded, asking for the name of the model so that they too could purchase it.
  47. this thing’s incredible
    I Buy This (Unsmudgable, Practically Self-Writing) Pen in Multiples of 10“This pen will never smudge unless you deliberately try to do so immediately after writing.”
  48. this thing’s incredible
    These (Cheaper-Than-Uniqlo) Leggings Kept Me Warm During a Parisian WinterEven better, they don’t look like thermals: At a glance they just look like the activewear you’d schlep about in at home.
  49. this thing’s incredible
    This Sonic Toothbrush Makes My Kids Actually Want to Brush Their TeethFor the first time in years, I didn’t have to block the bathroom door to stop them scurrying out and hiding in their room.
  50. this thing’s incredible
    My Husband’s Bicycle Looks More Like Sculpture Thanks to This Clever StandCombining vertical storage with the ease of a floor stand, it displays his bike as the latest objet in our home full of actual artworks.
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