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  1. deal of the day
    This Summery Ganni Dress Is Over Half Off (And Comes In Three Colours)The off-white and black options are £69, down from £150.
  2. deal of the day
    This Benefit 2-in-1 Brow Styler (in a Variety of Shades) Is 25 Percent OffIt’s down from £30 to £22.50.
  3. deal of the day
    This Hybrid Beard Trimmer (Used by Actual Barbers) Is Now 30 Percent OffIt’s £63, down from £90.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Home Coffee Makers, According to Coffee ProfessionalsIncluding the best for filter, the best for espresso, and more.
  5. deal of the day
    This Highly Rated Paddling Pool (Big Enough for Two Adults) Is 30 Percent OffIt’s £20, down from £30.
  6. deal of the day
    This Super-Quiet Adjustable Fan Is 50 Percent Off (the Cheapest We’ve Seen It)It’s £64, down from £130.
  7. painless shopping
    56 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Office Accents That You Can Buy on AmazonIncluding a hard-to-break mug, a concrete succulent planter, and a statusy notebook.
  8. deal of the day
    Our Readers’ Favourite Moisturiser Is Now Half-PriceIt’s been in our most-bought list for five months.
  9. your shopping cart
    What Readers Are Buying: Spray Mops, Water Flossers, And Anti-Fog SprayOur roundup of the things you’ve been adding to your shopping cart in July.
  10. deal of the day
    We Spotted These Kindercore Columbia Backpacks at 35 Percent OffThey’re now £35, down from £55.
  11. people's choice
    The Best Knife Sets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best value knife sets, the best wooden knife block sets, and the best sets with 16 pieces.
  12. one stop shop
    94 Black-Owned, UK-Based Businesses to SupportFrom a rum distillery in West Lothian to a cactus boutique in Dalston.
  13. people's choice
    The Best Coffee Machines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best bean-to-cup machine, the best pod machine, and the best programmable option.
  14. deal of the day
    This Highly Rated, 8-Piece Knife Set Is the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen ItIt’s now £34, Down From £45.
  15. painless shopping
    The 53 Best 30th-Birthday Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon)Including what to get your friends who love museum gift shops, fresh pasta, and modernist architecture.
  16. deal of the day
    This Wireless Mini-Projector (Perfect for Movie Nights) Is 25 Percent Off TodayIt’s now £76, down from £100.
  17. recommended by experts
    How to Travel and Commute Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, According to ExpertsYes, you should wear a mask.
  18. this thing's incredible
    I’ve Made About 1,095 Oat Lattes With This Coffee MachineThe whole process takes around four minutes — approximately the same amount of time as an Aeropress.
  19. deal of the day
    This Immensely Wearable (and Seldom-on-Sale) Kemi Telford Skirt Is a Third OffMade from 100 percent cotton Dutch Java print fabric, the slip-on skirt has side pockets and belt loops.
  20. people's choice
    The Best Yoga Mats on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best mats for hot yoga, pilates, and for tall people.
  21. deal of the day
    The Tesla of Electric Toothbrushes Is the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen ItWhen we last checked prices in April, the DiamondClean was on sale for £144 (down from £299). Today it’s even further reduced.
  22. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: Plus-Size Women’s Clothing EditionIn our new advice column, we take your shopping questions and scour friends, call up experts, and draw from personal experience to answer them.
  23. deal of the day
    This Guaranteed-for-Life Anglepoise Desk Lamp Is a Mere £56There are four colourways to choose from: jet black, dove grey, pure white, and linen white.
  24. deal of the day
    The Best Lengthening Mascara (According to Makeup Artists) Is 25 Percent OffIt’s worth noting that outside of this bundle, a regular-size They’re Real retails for £23, and the mini for £12, so the saving is further increased.
  25. strategist investigates
    The (Actually Kind of Stylish) Fabric Face Masks Available to Buy OnlineWhat to look for in a government-advised fabric face mask and where to buy one.
  26. deal of the day
    This Extra-Large, Extra-Thick (and In-Stock) Yoga Mat Is On SaleThe 6mm padding (most mats are about 3mm) means kneeling poses are far more comfortable.
  27. people's choice
    The Best Mattresses on Amazon According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best firm mattress and the best mattress for back pain.
  28. deal of the day
    This Strategist-Approved Motorised Squeegee Is the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen It“Because it’s motor-powered, it sucks all the moisture off any given surface, which is better for preventing lime-scale buildup.”
  29. painless shopping
    31 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Bathroom Accessories (That You Can Buy on Amazon)Including a made-in-the UK hand soap, a highly covetable bath robe, and a pleasingly herbal candle.
  30. people's choice
    The Best Weighted Blankets on Amazon UK, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewsIncluding the best patterned weighted blanket, the best weighted blanket for hot sleepers, and more.
  31. deal of the day
    An Abundance of Status-y Stutterheim Raincoats Are Almost Half OffOur colleagues at The Cut write that the coat is worth the money — even when it’s not on sale.
  32. deal of the day
    This Strategist-Approved (and Oddly Satisfying) Spray Mop Is Now Under £20When author Laura Jane Williams wrote about her spray mop, three Strategist staffers subsequently bought it (and are also besotted with the mop).
  33. about us
    How to Pitch to the Strategist UKEverything you need to know about how to submit a pitch.
  34. people's choice
    The Best Electric Toothbrushes, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best for sensitive teeth, the best for braces, and the best for traveling.
  35. recommended by experts
    The Best Two-Player Board Games, According to ExpertsSomething for every taste when it’s time for game night for two.
  36. deal of the day
    This Rather Lovely, Expert-Recommended Linen Duvet Cover Is a Third OffWe spotted savings on all colours of linen duvet covers – including rose pink, washed beige, and white.
  37. deal of the day
    This Best-of-Amazon (Heated) Lower-Back Massager Is a Third OffIt has 73 percent five-star reviews, and reviewers say it works in a number of different areas, including the neck and legs.
  38. people's choice
    The Best Vacuum Cleaners on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewsIncluding the best cordless vacuums, the best for tackling pet hair, and the best robot vacuums.
  39. celebrity shopping
    What Director Amma Asante (MBE) Can’t Live Without“I think it’s good karma, and good Chi generally, to carry a big fat purse.”
  40. deal of the day
    This Hairdresser-Recommended, Fast-Drying Hair Dryer Is Over Half OffIt’s now £47, down from £110.
  41. recommended by experts
    The Best Hair Dryers, According to Stylists, Salon Owners, and Hair ExpertsIncluding the best travel hair dryer, the best for Afro-textured hair, and the best quick-drying option.
  42. deal of the day
    These Swedish Hasbeens Are (an Astonishing) 70 Percent OffNormally, Hasbeens are in a dupe-worthy price range, but at 70 percent off, you could now buy two pairs for £100.
  43. people's choice
    The Best Massagers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the best neck and shoulder massagers, the best miniature massagers, and the best gun-style massagers.
  44. deal of the day
    This Quick-Playing, Expert-Recommended, Two-Player Board Game Is a Mere £15It’s suitable for players who like a challenge but don’t want to spend their whole afternoon on the same game.
  45. trust me i should know
    The 9 Things I May Destroy You’s Hair and Makeup Designer Carries at All TimesIncluding “the fairy godmother” of hand sanitiser (that can be used to tackle spots, too).
  46. strategist investigates
    How to Wear a Face Mask With Glasses (Without Them Falling Off or Fogging)We asked an operating theatre nurse, NHS worker, and spectacle manufacturers for the best tips and advice.
  47. deal of the day
    There’s Up to 50 Percent off Fenty Beauty (an Unmissable Sale) at BootsItems include Stunna Lip Paint for a mere £10.
  48. painless shopping
    36 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Bedroom Accessories (You Can Buy on Amazon)Including a Fair Trade area rug at an Ikea price.
  49. deal of the day
    The Best-Rated Robot Vacuum on Amazon Is 25 Percent OffDue to its neat size and weight (just 2.7 kilograms), it’s able to get into spaces more easily than a bulkier model.
  50. this thing’s incredible
    This Padded Foot Sling Makes Economy Feel Like First ClassAnd thanks to this gizmo I was able to sleep on my flight to Singapore.
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