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What Paloma Faith Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the stain-remover pen and the tongue cleaner. We asked Paloma Faith, singer, actor, and designer behind Paloma Home, about the eyebrow pencil, bedsheets, and fruit-and-vegetable subscription she can’t live without.

My first baby used to refuse any food that I hadn’t cooked because the flavours felt different [to her]. I used to have to cook everything the night before, freeze it, and give it to my partner or the nanny to feed her. These pouches just taste like my cooking; they’re like my combos. I always say if she doesn’t like what you give her, just give her a pouch. They’re a lifesaver for a working mum. I don’t favour one flavour the most; I’m trying to make sure she eats a lot of different things, so that she doesn’t become a fussy eater!

I was given a little taster of this, and it was the most instant night cream I’ve ever used. I washed my face as normal, put some on, and then in the morning I felt like my skin was amazing. A lot of [night creams] you use, and it takes two weeks to notice a difference This one made me feel instantly better. It does depend on your skin type — some people have said it’s too greasy for them — but I really like it. I use it every night, and even if I forget to put my cream on the next morning, it’s all right because this lasts all day.

I’ve got the same cut in about four different colours. Everytime I wear it, everyone sort of says “I love your shirt!” It makes me feel like Zendaya’s character in Euphoria because it’s quite masculine, which I really like. If you wear it with a skirt, it looks like a very casual feminine look, but with suit trousers or rolled-up jeans, it looks boyish. It’s a very versatile shirt. I just recently bought a navy-blue-and-white floral version, which lots of men come up to me saying they want to buy. As it’s unisex, you can share it with your partner (if you’re in a relationship with someone the exact same size as you) — it’s for boys and girls and everyone.

EyebrowQueen is the name of the brand because the woman who made it is THE eyebrow queen. She’s got a reputation: She came up with HD Brows. I really like it because it’s one of those pencils where you can draw individual hairs or you can shade. It’s versatile, because it’s flatheaded: You can colour in the area then flip it around to draw darker hairs – it makes it look all very natural.

For Christmas, I thought I’d spend a bit more money on fruit and veg. But the moment I tasted their products, I knew that’s what I wanted to get every week. As it’s seasonal, you eat things when they’re meant to be growing, not when they have been in a greenhouse, pumped full of chemicals and unnaturally cultivated. It also makes me a bit more adventurous with my cooking, because if something isn’t available, I’m often more inclined to try a different thing, a vegetable I’ve never heard of before.

I’m not a vegan/vegetarian per se, but since changing to Natoora, the bulk of what we eat at home has been vegetable or fruit based. We might eat meat or fish once or twice a week, but we don’t need to because the vegetables taste so good. So while I ended up spending more on my fruit and veg, I spent less in general. The tomatoes blow my mind they’re so good. You know how, in this country, we have tomatoes that taste like water? I don’t know how, but these tomatoes taste like the sun.

Pre-pandemic, our household were always big hand washers, such as when we got home or before dinner. I wasn’t necessarily a sanitizer person, though. But I now reach for this particular one because I love the smell of it — it really does smell like lavender, and it’s so calming. It also doesn’t give me a rash, as a lot of them do. I remember, when the pandemic first began, my hands were red raw with rashes. I even use it on my kids. It has so few ingredients; I always trust products that only have around five or six ingredients as opposed to a hundred.

They’re sort of Hollywood glamour pyjamas. I’ve got a lot of the ones with Marabou, like these black silk ones with the trim at the bottom. They’re incredibly camp. They make me feel like I’m Diana Vreeland or someone, very Zsa Zsa Gabor. For the summer, I also have some check-gingham linen ones, shorts with a shirt. They’re really airy — you don’t get hot in them at all.

Most bibs let food fall down the neck and then the baby gets dirty. These are long-sleeved. They stretch from the wrists all the way up the neck, with a flap to catch the food. Also, for when they get a bit bigger, this style is great for painting because it covers everything.

I’m basically trying as much as possible to not buy plastic. Obviously, I’m not going to say there’s no plastic in my house, because there is — it’s everywhere! But if I see an option to not buy it, then I won’t.

I’ve got quite a lot of chaos in my house, very maximalist, lots of things that clash. So if you throw some tiger in, it feels like a neutral. You could put a tiger print in a room with white walls that feels rather Ikea-y and then suddenly it looks almost as though you’ve redecorated the whole space. Or you might have a room that’s so set in its ways that it makes you think, I can never find anything to go in here — but for some reason tiger just works. It’s drawn from nature, and nature always looks effing amazing and better than anything else. I went through quite a gruelling process of being sent all different cottons because I was adamant you’d get into bed and feel snuggly and sort of hugged by it. Going forward, I want all of Paloma Home to be completely interchangeable — to all match, in a way. It’s a modular collection. It can start off small and be added to over time.

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What Paloma Faith Can’t Live Without