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17 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Chairs (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Over the past year, we have all been doing an endless amount of sitting (inside, outside, on the grass in a park). So the IKEA armchair you picked up in your last flatshare might not be doing it for you anymore.

But whether you’re after a Eames or Saarinen dupe, or something that just won’t fall apart six months later — a statement chair is normally a bank-account drainer. So if you’re on a smaller budget, we’ve cherry-picked Amazon’s best cheap-but-don’t-look-it buys for chairs, from accent pieces to classics and items with hidden storage, for smaller spaces.

This clean-cut, monochrome espresso reading chair is giving us ’90s–Beverly Hills, reading-on-the-balcony vibes. Its supportive wide, curved back makes it great for long stints lost in a book.

This marshmallow-like recliner asks you to dive into it every time you step in the room.

A swanky cowhide number that doesn’t overdo it. It would work marvelously in a sunny spot in a conservatory.

This looks like something you’d find in Anthropologie or an East London independent dedicated to reviving gems from the late ’60s.

Burnt-orange fabric against brass creates a luxe, retro feel that looks far more expensive than it is.

[Editor’s note: Delivery times may vary for this item.]

BTFY Pink Fluffy Teddy Chair

This soft-pink accent chair jazzes things up with gold pin legs.

Who doesn’t love a deep-green velvet number? With a lush circle back with cutout, and shiny gold triangle legs, this chair is a head turner.

This jumbo cord bean bag (in a really satisfying shade of mustard) looks too comfy not to buy.

A classic soft pink, with velvet pleats. This pouffe stool is a pretty three-in-one, (think side table, seat, storage).

This all-chrome saddle chair with a tan faux-leather seat is great for small spaces. Designed for use at a desk or workshop table, it seats you in a way that takes stress off your neck and back.

A bit like something you’d find in the Sketch gallery room, but with more solid lines and corners.

For those with earth tones and exposed-brick walls in their kitchen and dining areas, these bronzed suede barstools are just the ticket.

Simple, with mustard-yellow seats and minimalist black legs, these barstools look straight out of Malibu beach house.

Retro but not kitsch, we’re keen on this red-and-white diner chair.

The school-gymnasium feel of this adjustable wooden stool evokes childhood without being childish.

Straight out of the Sterling Cooper office, these dining chairs are a timeless classic.

This low, plush double stool with clean-cut black legs will survive multiple room décor changes.

[Editor’s note: This stool is currently out of stock, but we expect it to be restocked shortly.]

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17 Expensive-Looking Chairs (You Can Buy on Amazon)