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15 (Actually Stylish) Picnic Blankets You Can Buy on Amazon

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With intermittent heat waves pending and restrictions still in a bit of limbo, a picnic in the park is a stress-free way to catch up with friends. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, a picnic blanket should be waterproof, easy to clean (either by hand or in the washing machine), and easy to roll, fold, or pack away.

So, we’ve done some sleuthing to compile a list of blankets that suit every taste whilst ticking all of those boxes. If you’re looking to make an afternoon of it, make sure to take a look at our stories on the best coolers, portable barbecues, and lawn games to round off your set up. But firstly, read on for our picks of the most handsome, durable, and waterproof picnic blankets on Amazon.

This blanket comes in three equally simple but stylish designs. We particularly like this striped option. It’s extra large (78 by 54 inches when unfolded), and its strap with a built-in handle makes it easily portable.

An acrylic backing makes the blanket tear-resistant, and at roughly the size of a laptop when folded, it’s a perfect stash-in-your-tote-bag size.

When unfolded, this blanket can fit eight adults comfortably, according to the manufacturer. With a vibrant
checkerboard design, your friends are sure to spot you amongst the crowds.

This jolly check option offers some guaranteed sunshine. It’s also around the size of a large envelope when folded away and can be thrown in the washing machine between outings.


Machine washable, sold with a leather-like strap, and festooned with a knowingly kitsch pattern.

A colour-blocked option made of sand-resistant nylon. Just close your eyes, shake away, and leave the sand on the beach (and not in your boot!)

A blanket to brighten up trips to the beach, park, and campsite.

We like this handsome plaid (with a waterproof backing).

When folded away, this blanket (that can fit comfortably two picnickers) can fit in your palm.

We like this heritage-looking recycled-wool blanket.

If wool is too scratchy for you, we also like this recycled-cotton option.

Including a blanket, plates, cutlery, and cups in a handy little backpack, this set is a one-stop shop to craft the perfect portable picnic.

A slimline and charming blue and white patchwork option.

Consider a Turkish towel for your picnic — they can be used as a throw if a guest gets chilly too.

We like the fleur-de-lis pattern on this one.

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