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28 Last Minute Gifts on Amazon for the People You Almost Forgot About

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Okay, so you’ve done most your Christmas shopping at this point. Something for Dad. Something for your girlfriend. You picked up something Mum will like, and you even aced Secret Santa by finding something cheap from an expensive brand — no spending a tenner on scratchcards here. Now all that’s left are the tricky last-minute gifts for the other people in your life. Your new friend from your writing class or the goddaughter who’s developing her own tastes. Even stocking stuffers from your nearest and dearest. Our guide to last-minute gifts, all of which you can pick up on Amazon, will make the season a total breeze.

For your colleague with a serious snack drawer

Beat the 4 p.m. slump with a sugar hit.

For your aunt who has a ‘phone voice’

A fancy snack for a fancy aunt.

For the neighbour who always looks after your cat

Sign the tag from the cat if you’re feeling extra.

For your 7-year-old’s new BFF

For the girlfriend who you’re just getting serious with

There’s no need for her to bring a toothbrush when she sleeps over anymore.

For your grandad who claims he doesn’t want anything this year

A bottle of his favourite whisky will always go down well.

For your friend who just became a home owner

A kitschy aperitif print would look great in their living room. This is a Strategist favourite.

For your work husband who hates plastic

Now you can complain about Karen in marketing and combat plastic waste on your lunchtime hangouts.

For your school friend who’s very into a side hustle

Photographer Rankin, who told us he got into audiobooks to deal with his insomnia, recommends this book on embracing failure.

For the new friend you made at your writing group

Scrawling an inspirational message inside from their favourite author is entirely optional (but pretty cute).

For your office Secret Santa

Post-it Dispenser

Make those passive-aggressive notes about their stolen lunch look a little cuter.

For your book club’s secret Santa

For your cousin, who’s a sneaker-head now

An essential bit of kit — especially if she’s buying second-hand from Depop.

For your teen sister who is into vinyl

Avoid ‘How do you do, fellow kids’–ing any teens you know by gifting them music they can listen to back at uni.

For your kids’ primary-school teacher

It’s up to them if they need to add something stronger.

For your housemate who steals your shower products

Ironically, you might find yourself borrowing this lemon-, sweet-orange-, and bergamot-scented soap.

For your boss, who is not a morning person

Coffee now, discuss what happened at the Christmas party later.

For your Über-athletic cousin


Rocky montage optional.

For your new boyfriend’s little brother

Hint: It’s great on leftovers.

For your uncle who’s a sucker for a spa day

Rio wrote about this body wash, which makes showering feel like being in a fancy spa.

For the sister-in-law who’s a doodler

Not too thin and not too thick, these pens come recommended by Diptique creative director Myriam Badault.

For your friend whose baby is into colours now


You might not have a hard and fast rule on gifting for your friends’ babies, but this interactive book is a great last-minute option.

For your dad who has just discovered craft beer

A gift he can drink (and snack on) is a great bolt-on to a main present.

For your step-brother who just went freelance

‘Being your own boss’ doesn’t mean sleeping in. This alarm clock is a Strategist favourite.

For your niece, who’s way too young for scratchcards

There’s no way of knowing what’s inside, but keep everything crossed for the sweetcorn guy.

For your little brother who loves normcore

Turns out some of the best value sport socks are also the most covetable.

For your clumsy friend with no insurance

PopSockets PopGrip

This collapsable phone grip is godsend for anyone with butterfingers.

For your friend who is hosting Christmas for the first time

Give them something to break the ice.

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28 Last Minute Gifts You Can Buy Now on Amazon