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The Best False Lashes, According to Experts

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Whether they’re the frame for a cut crease or just to enhance your natural lash line, a pair of false eyelashes can elevate any makeup look. But they can also be a tricky business to master. In fact, from choosing a style to attempting to install the lashes, the whole affair can often seem more trouble than it’s worth. So, we reached out to a panel of five experts, from makeup artists to beauty bloggers and editors, to help streamline the process.

Firstly, application. Makeup artist Alex Glynn claims that tweezers are essential for precise lash application. “Measure the lash up to your eye and trim any excess at the outer corner away. Then, apply a layer of lash glue and wait for around 30 to 40 seconds for it to get suitably tacky before picking up the lashes with your tweezers and placing the band directly on your lash line. Don’t worry if you have to fiddle around to get a comfortable finish: Here, patience is key.” As for caring for your false eyelashes, makeup artist Eve Jenkins claims that “every lash is reusable, whether it is stated on the packaging or not. Combine some warm water and a smidge of antibacterial soap in a cup, leave the lashes in there to soak, then, after gently removing excess glue, leave them to dry naturally.”

Read on for the best false lashes for beginners, the best full-glam lashes, as well as the best individuals, budget, and luxury options.

The Best False Lashes Overall

Two of our experts recommended Eylure as a top choice for false lashes.“They’re a real quality brand in which I have a great deal of trust,” explains Ronke Adeyemi, founder of Brown Beauty Talk. “They offer everything to everyone: from natural looks to full on glam. Their celebrity collaborations are also great. They’re tuned in and know what’s going on.” Makeup artist Alex Glynn also praises Eylure as her favourite drugstore lash brand, claiming that their lashes are “no fuss” to apply and suited to beginners and experts alike.

Ronke recommends the Fluttery Intense 141 lashes from Eylure in particular, appreciating how they give an “intense look but also one that can be built upon gradually, say, if you’re heading out for the evening.” As for application, Ronke says that the Eylure glue is a safe and reliable option. In fact, no matter what brand of lashes she’s applying, she always reaches for Eylure’s own adhesive to secure them.

The Best Less Expensive False Lashes

Makeup artist and finalist on BBC’s Glow-Up Eve Jenkins is a huge advocate for Primark’s own lashes: “The value for money with this lash is, quite simply, insane. At just £2 they easily manage to match up to higher end brands at ten times the price point.” She explains that the 3D Lashes in “Angel” are a perfect choice for a “gorgeous and full big night out makeup look” and that the glue — which is included in the price — is of a pleasantly surprising high quality.

Alex calls the “Cali Vibe” by Tatti Lashes her most- used false lash. She says that the lashes are “the perfect blend of dramatic and natural.” Whilst many fluffy false lashes such as this style are made from mink hair, this pair are actually vegan friendly, composed of high-quality synthetic fibres. Alex explains that the standard of synthetic lashes in today’s market means it’s easy to find vegan alternatives.

The Best More Expensive False Lashes

Beauty blogger GlowWithOla found himself bulk buying an array of lashes to stave off boredom throughout lockdown, primarily from Lashmagnifique, which he claims are “undoubtedly worth the money.” Ola especially likes the style “Soraya,” for an attention grabbing look. “These lashes are for girls who love a scandal: They’re an editorial lash for the front row. You don’t wear them to sit in the corner.” He recommends pairing them with a full-on, intense makeup look, but also explains that pairing them with little to no eye shadow still provides a rather glamorous look given their eye-catching nature. “No matter what you pair them with, they’re guaranteed to bring the drama.”

HypeBae editor Alexandra Pauly doesn’t wear fake lashes often, but when she does, they’ll always be from the Velour Just a Hint collection. “I’ve found that with a lot of other brands, the lashes just seem to go crooked. I’m applying, then ripping off, then reapplying in a never ending loop,” she explains. “But these lashes from Velour are just so easy to apply, and you can use them time and time again, so they really pay for themselves.”

Alexandra also praised Velour’s Black Latex Eyelash Adhesive, as it has a liquid liner-type finish, meaning that there’s no need to worry about the “very messy shiny streaks” that traditional lash glue can often leave behind.

The Best False Lashes for Beginners

“Long before I was a makeup artist, these were my training lashes,” explains Glynn, who says that the Ardell Demi Wispies were in fact the first pair of eyelashes she ever bought. “Whilst they’re not quite as reusable as some other brands, you can get a fair few wears out of them; and at £5.50, they’re a steal.” As well as being suitable for newcomers and those seeking a barely there false-lash finish, Glynn recommends utilising the Demi Wispies to achieve a feline eye look (as seen on Alexa Demi). “They’re a simple yet flirty lash and really enhance those outer corners of the eye.”

Ronke is also a fan of Ardell’s lashes, and she also suggests them as a great brand for beginners. She’s an advocate of the FX Lash D Curl style, especially for younger customers that are “perhaps not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of money but looking for a pair of lashes that won’t betray their status as a beginner.” Ronke likes that the lashes make the wearer appear wide-eyed and recommends them for an elegant, understated look.

The Best Natural False Eyelashes

Ronke also praises celebrity makeup artist Joy Adenuga’s line of lashes, claiming that Joy is a real specialist. “She’s been in the industry for a long time, she knows exactly what needs to be used to create a look for any scenario.” Ronke explains that all of Joy’s lashes are made for quality and longevity, including her lightweight strip lashes, which provide a “real wow-effect without making you look like someone else entirely.”

The Best Full-Glam False Lashes

Glynn says that sometimes a full-glam look “just doesn’t feel complete” without a pair of these lashes from makeup artist Mmmmitchell’s Tatti Lash collaboration. Glynn ensures that her drawers are stocked to the brim with this style before any festive period, and (being based in Liverpool) especially before Lady’s Day, as she can guarantee that 90 percent of her clients will request them. “They’re honestly like no other lash I’ve ever seen. Made of 5D mink, they’re so fluffy, you could hang something off of them, if you felt so inclined.”

“When it comes to lashes: If I’m wearing a lash, I’m wearing a lash,” explains Ola, who opts for a full-glam look even on his trips to Sainsbury’s. “I don’t do subtle or demure, and now that we’re out of lockdown, any occasion is an occasion.” Ola recommends these for lash beginners who still want a full glam, claiming that they add an extra element without becoming overwhelming. He also recommends keeping your eyes peeled for deals on the brand in Boots, where he buys the style in twos and threes whenever he sees them on offer. “As well as looking extra and not costing a fortune, they also retain their wispiness from wear to wear, which makes them a standout option to me.”

When doing her own makeup, Eve calls the Envy 7 Deadly Sins lashes as more of “her own personal style of lash.” Due to the curve of the lashes, they achieve a full-on glam effect without obscuring her painstakingly blended eye shadow from view. “I usually trim them and apply them on my outer lash line to achieve a winged Instagram filter look.” Eve also instructs applying a generous coat of mascara to blend the false lashes in with the real ones to craft a feline-eye shape.

The Best Individual False Lashes

Whilst all of the recommendations thus far have been a strip style, false eyelashes are also produced in packs of individual lashes. Ronke likes to use the individuals when crafting a bespoke makeup look. “I like to look like myself, and want my own lashes to appear quite fluttery, which I can do by varying the lengths of individual lashes I use across my eye.” Ronke does admit that whilst a little tricky to master, the options that individual lashes can offer are endless: “You can pick and choose. Say I want a natural look in the daytime and then something more intense later on in the day — I simply pop a few extra individuals around my eyes, and I’m ready for the evening.”

Glynn, whilst also warning that individual lashes do take more time to get the hang of, also enjoys the choice that they offer. “I use individuals rather frequently, but none more so than on my more mature clients that often want to ease into building up a look.” She says that individual lashes are ideal for those that enjoy the look of Russian eyelash extensions without the commitment of having to keep them on for months at a time.

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The Best False Lashes, According to Experts