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What Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the stain-remover pen and the tongue cleaner. We asked interior designer (and former Dragon’s Den dragon) Kelly Hoppen about the fresh flowers, curl spray, and “chic’” washing-up gloves she can’t live without.

This is fantastic for working out in smaller spaces. I’ve got 38 projects on the go at the moment, and we’ve never been busier. But I still train every day, all throughout lockdown, getting up at 6 a.m. and working out six days a week. I’d used Technogym before, but I particularly like this new skill bench. You can do stomach work on it, you can step up on it, you can use it for everything. But the weights fit beautifully underneath it, too, and it’s on wheels. It’s also beautifully designed, like a piece of furniture. We have this in my barn conversion, which has a kind of a play area as part of the living space.

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I tend to go for white flowers, although lately I’ve started to have colourful dahlias, too. I don’t quite know what’s happened to me. But what I love about Flowerbx is it’s such a simple method. During lockdown, to be able to order fresh flowers every week really puts a smile on my face. Their same day delivery is also a complete lifesaver if you need to dress up a space for a last-minute guest, or you want to send someone flowers to brighten their day. I just think it’s a really lovely thing to have around. You can even get them in a vase, but I don’t do that, as I already have a lot of vases at home.

 My curly hair is my defining feature, and the most high-maintenance part of my routine. I tried all types of products to tame my curls but this works best — it holds my hair in place without the stiffness. Kevin Murphy is an Australian brand, and it’s very cool, I like the packaging, and I like that I’m not putting horrible chemicals into my hair.


I design to music — music is my inspiration. I have it on all the time, always the same kind of beat: soul, jazz, funk, and R&B. I have to have music playing in any situation, whether I’m working, styling, or at home. Depending on what I play, I find myself inspired, reawakened, or relaxed — the magic of music is that it can incite so many different behaviors. I love Sonos because they’re so compact, and you can move them around if you need to. You can also sync them up in different rooms.

My perfume is Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium. I’ve worn it since I was 16 years old. I can’t bear not to have that smell. It evokes lots of memories. I wear it every day, and someone always comments on it, it’s really weird. The amount of times I’ve been in a taxi and the driver has said “I love that scent, it reminds me of my first girlfriend.” Everyone’s got a story to tell about YSL Opium. I love other smells, too, but I never tire of this one.


 I absolutely love my Diane Kordas Lion Ring — I’m a Leo, so it feels like a little part of me. Whenever I wear it I feel strong, dynamic, and ready to tackle the day ahead. She’s an amazing designer, and I just love the earthiness of her designs. I’ve literally worn it ever since she gave it to me – I’m wearing it now. My grandson loves it because it has a lion on the front. I own a lot of Diane Kordas, I wear all her chains and stuff. It’s understated but cool jewellery.

Lockdown has given me a newfound love for cleaning and subsequently, these Lakeland white washing up gloves. I never liked the yellow marigold ones, but these white ones are the chicest of the bunch. I tend to buy these in bulk; you’ll find me in a pair of these every day.

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What Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen Can’t Live Without