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What Latex-Wear Designer Atsuko Kudo Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the stain remover pen and the tongue cleaner. We asked couture latex designer Atsuko Kudo – who has created outfits for Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian – about the no-smudge red lipstick, jewellery, and salt shaker she can’t live without.

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Nick Knight’s pictures of roses from his garden are to die for. He is such an amazing photographer and artist, and produces so many fantastic images. In this case it’s photographs of the roses from his garden. They are exquisitely elegant pieces of photographic art and beyond. The images are truly extraordinary; only a beautiful heart can create this beauty. I have been fortunate enough to work with Nick, and each time I see his work I have to pinch myself. These beautiful and extraordinary images are also currently on display until November 2020 in a dedicated exhibition at Waddesdon Manor, just outside London. Showstudio sells jigsaws of some of the images, which you can buy online.

I often wear a bold red lip, and Maybelline’s Super Stay 24-hour lip colour is the lazy me’s favourite party lipstick. When I used to go out to parties (before the pandemic) often drinks and canapés would be served. And with this, I can be carefree; I never need to go to the bathroom to fix my lips during the night. Hopefully there will be a time in the future when there will be more events and parties again so I have more reason to wear it.

When we were decorating our home, I saw this gorgeous wallpaper online. But I couldn’t find the place to buy it – it was no longer on sale. We later visited Paris, and one day went to look for it at the old address of the shop where it was sold. The shop had closed but a neighbour told us where they moved to – Belgium! But they gave us some details, and eventually we found the contact. We bought the wallpaper and now we happily see it on our wall every day – we have it on the staircase walls which lead to our bedroom. It’s not just fabulously beautiful, but also has another dimension – you can download an accompanying app, called Admented, and when you place your smartphone over the wallpaper it triggers an animation.

I love this Jane Birkin record so very much. It is so beautiful. Especially if you listen to it in gorgeous weather in the garden (I love being in our garden), ideally with a glass of rosé. She has rerecorded many of the classic and beloved Serge Gainsbourg songs as you’ve never heard them, with a 90-piece symphonic orchestra. Arranged and orchestrated by the Japanese composer and pianist Nobuyuki Nakajima, it really is sublime – both her vocals and the musical arrangements. I went with my husband to see her perform this record live at the Royal Festival Hall here in London, with Nobuyuki-san conducting. It felt like the whole audience was in tears. We certainly both were because it was just so beautiful. Even though it is sung almost entirely in French – which I cannot speak or understand – the emotions were and are still clear and very moving.

When I first encountered Chanel No.5, I was just a little girl, and I wasn’t keen. But it has grown on me as I have got older. No.5 just suits the feeling of every moment, it makes the day a little bit more special for me. I guess that is one of the reasons why it became the world’s best-known perfume. I am also very inspired by Coco Chanel’s life story, so I think that may have an effect on me too.

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This is a deluxe limited-edition book of more than 1,360 photographs taken by John Willie, who created so many iconic looks surrounding fetishistic clothing and scenarios. They always seem so well executed, smart, funny, and sexy. When you view them now, or 50 or more years later, it seems impossible to imagine a world without them.


Our beautiful and totally amazing friend Betony Vernon is (amongst many other things) the very finest erotic jewellery designer. Her pieces are so sensual and absolutely beautifully made – this double sphere ring is my favourite. There is so much thought and experience which goes into every piece and this makes all of them very special. She is also a sex educator and the author of the Boudoir Bible – a book everyone should read. She is totally unique and so is her work.

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As I mentioned above, I am always on the move. At work, at fittings, and travelling, I need my phone and I have my hands free and never want to lose my phone. This is a way of carrying my phone hands-free. Also it has an additional pouch which is very handy for carrying a passport and lipstick while travelling.

There are so many salt and pepper pots in the world but the Cole & Mason Horsham Inverta salt and pepper mills are genius. They look good, work well, are easy to fill and stand “upside down” to leave countertops free of grind residue. I hate the way ordinary salt and pepper pots leave the grind residue everywhere and you end up always keeping it on a little plate or some sorts to catch the mess. But yes, this one is crumbs free!

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What Latex-Wear Designer Atsuko Kudo Can’t Live Without