valentine's day

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under £20 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and though we’ve already searched out the least cheesy cards, and some low-key fancy gifts you can buy, we also know that sometimes it’s difficult to plan in advance. Especially if a relationship has gone from casual texting to “will I get you a present?” over the course of the past few weeks. To which we say: Behold these thoughtful gifts, all under £20, which you can buy on Amazon. They should all arrive well in time for Valentine’s Day, too.

For the valentine who always takes a bite of your dessert

Alessi Coffee Spoons

These sweet heart-shaped spoons are the right size for a nibble of someone else’s tiramisu.

For the valentine who is a li’l mushy

Cancel out the mush of the heart shape with the practicality of a brolly.

For the valentine who loves eating brunch, but hates getting up before eleven

For the valentine who still writes love notes


You could write a little love note on the first one, if you’d like.

For the valentine who’s a light sleeper

This holy grail eye mask will help them to sleep past six am.

For the valentine who stays up late reading

A daring and moving novel for that book light.

For the valentine who thinks Pret coffee tastes like soil

This pour-over dripper easily makes enough coffee for two.

(Plus, a nice mug to go with that coffee dripper.)

For the valentine who keeps losing their phone

Tile Mate

A practical gift that will pay for itself.

For the valentine who’s a little frazzled

This sleep balm is a solid, so it can travel wherever they go.

For the valentine who’s newly official

A design-y bamboo toothbrush for when they stay over.

Bundle it with this status toothpaste.

For the valentine who’s a cautious gardener

This plant is practically unkillable.

A plant pot for that plant (available in a range of colours).

For the valentine who’s a confident gardener