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The 51 Best 30th-Birthday Gifts

Photo-Illustration: Photo: HBO

There’s no doubt about it: Turning 30 is a big deal, and if you have a friend approaching the milestone, you may be putting a lot more thought than usual into finding the perfect gift. Whether they’re feeling anxious about leaving their 20s behind, or they’re surprisingly chill about the whole thing, we’ve got you covered, with a range of suggestions for every type of person about to hit the big 3-0. Our suggestions range from tasteful homeware to tech and fitness gifts, as well as a few items from the Strategist archives. While most of these gifts are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

For the friend who loves hosting

They’ll never suffer another water stain again with these marbled, stone coasters.

For the friend who already has plenty of coasters

For the friend you went to Oceana with at uni

Gift them a tequila that’s better enjoyed slowly. This reposado (a tequila aged in oak barrels for up to 11 months) comes recommended by Edson Diaz-Fuentes, founder of Santo Remedio and author of Ciudad de México.

Or how about this nonalcoholic spirit, which comes recommended by bartenders?

For the friend who cooked for your houseshare at uni

This highly rated, affordable alternative to a Le Creuset would be perfect for dinner parties.

For the friend who acts way older than 30

For the friend who acts way younger than 30

This giant version of the board game would be good for a big kid.

For the friend who is over sourdough

Kombucha (a kind of fermented tea) uses the same process (and is kind of good for you, too).

For the friend that knows their Jarritos from their San Pellegrinos

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

If they’re a fiend for anything fizzy, now they can do it themselves at home (and even brew up their own flavours).

For the friend who loves a mooch around a flea market

For the friend whose BBQs are hit-and-miss

Weber Smokey Joe

Get them a grown-up (and expert-recommended) alternative to the disposable barbecues they’ve been relying on in their 20s.

For the friend who gets their meat from Turner & George

If they’re happier in the kitchen than out at a restaurant, give them the right tools for the job.

For the friend who’s always wanted to perfect their own tagliatelle

This inexpensive pasta-maker, recommended by Strategist writer Chris Mandle, will get them well on their way.

For the friend with a soft spot for modernism

Get them this interiors book about mid-century modern design, including the work of Charles and Ray Eames (they designed the iconic chair of the same name).

For the friend with more than a soft spot for modernism

This LEGO set of the Guggenheim is perfect for design nerds.

For the friend that will passionately defend brutalism against any naysayer


This highly giftable hardback will look a treat on their coffee table.

For the friend who is obsessed with tracking their sleep

Jaymag Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket should ensure they get a decent’s night kip. Note: It’s recommended to choose a weighted blanket that’s around 7 to 12 percent of your body weight. For example, someone who weighs 60 kg could use any blanket between 4.2 kg and 7.2 kg.

For the friend who is obsessed with Co-Star

If they’ve been studying their Jupiter in Taurus, they may want to get into stargazing; this telescope is great for beginners.

For the friend who’s (comfortably) single

Photo: retailer

Several experts told us this discreet vibrator is very giftable.

For the friend who’s (comfortably) coupled up

A hobby they can do together — like life-drawing with these charcoal pencils — would be a nice gift.

For the friend who doesn’t stream music (or anything, for that matter)

How about a vinyl player that’s also a nice living-room accent.


And to listen to: an album that also recently turned 30.

For the friend who doesn’t get dressed til 1 p.m.

If they’re going to slounge, they can at least do it in something comfy.

For the friend that turns up their nose at Pret membership

This classic coffee filter can be used to brew batch coffee at home — and even doubles up as a water carafe and a wine decanter.

For the friend who’s at the farmers’ market at 10 a.m. every Saturday

Those heirloom tomatoes and courgettes would taste even better drizzled with a fancy olive oil, like this award-winning one from Tuscany.

For the friend who always sets the table (even for takeaway)

£11 for 2

We like these simple candle stands, which looks like something from H&M Home or Arket.

For the friend who eats dinner alfresco

For the friend who takes minimalism a bit too seriously

This jazz poster is bursting with colour and would look great in their flat.

And here’s a frame for that poster.

For the friend who sings in the shower


This speaker has a six-hour battery life (that’s a lot of “Easy on Me” on repeat).

For the friend who wants to relocate to Margate

Photo: retailer

This candle will bring the coast to their home office.

For the friend who just lost their Airpods (again)

These hard-to-lose wireless earbuds came recommended by dancer William Bracewell.

For the friend who never misses an episode of Switched on Pop

Photo: retailer

This book by critic and academic Hanif Abdurraqib explores A Tribe Called Quest’s legacy in truly granular detail.

For the friend who has too many VSCO presets

Polaroid Now I-Type

Put the smartphone down and have a bit more fun.

For the friend who works too hard

RENPHO Back Massager

This massage pillow (a favourite among Strategist staff) will relax them.

For the friend with an enviable crop of carrots

If they’ve already got into growing their own produce, then this composter would be right up their street.

For the friend who’s too old for skateboarding

For the friend who queues to get into NOLA

If Saturday mornings are spent down Rye Lane trying to cop a glass of Colombian pink bourbon, consider giving them the gift of cold brew in their home instead.

And while there are tons of independent roasters, you can’t go wrong with Taylors.

For the friend who has a watering schedule

This neat watering can would be handy for any small plants, from trailing pothos to devil’s ivy.

For the friend with an (enviable) balcony

Photo: retailer

This deck-chair set looks like something from the Conran Shop (and would be great for a laid-back cocktail hour).