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The 39 Best Gifts for Sisters (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Whether you borrowed her clothes growing up (or whether she borrowed yours), if you’re looking for a gift for your sister, you’ll likely want to get her something special. There might be a big birthday milestone coming up that she’s low-key dreading, or maybe you’re looking for a gift to celebrate her exciting new job. We’ve got you covered for every type of sister, from the wannabe yogi to the sister whose Cos necklace you have your eye on, with this range of gift suggestions, all available on Amazon.

For the sister who has a Bloom & Wild subscription

A cheaper-than-it-looks vase to display all the flowers she receives.

Photo: retailer

Get her a birthday bouquet alongside it.

For the sister who slouches

For the sister who started Yoga With Adriene in lockdown

For the sister who’s tried everything to get to sleep

The soothing scent will help her doze off at night.

For the sister who has no trouble sleeping.

For the sister who’s partial to a Champagne breakfast

What’s a birthday without truffles in bed?

For the sister who’s constantly losing her earrings

Plus they’ll be laid out easier for you to “borrow’.”

For the sister who’s constantly losing all her other trinkets too

Makes a pile of rings, necklaces and bracelets appear organised.

For the sister who pierced everyone’s ears in year 8

Fossil Women’s Hoop Earrings

You can’t go wrong with a pair of small hoops.

And some slightly flashier ones for special occasions.

For the sister who wears a hundred bangles on each wrist

The Art Deco minimalism of this bracelet shouldn’t clash with any others.

For the sister who is always rummaging in her bag

She can keep important things (read: the keys she can never find) in this in-bag pouch.

For the sister who’s a diligent hand-washer

For the sister who has a Spotify playlist for every occasion

She’s always telling you that vinyls just sound better.

She could pair the vinyl player with a classic Bowie print.

For the sister who tells you a tidy desk equals a tidy mind

Zen Garden Set

This cute office accent provides a relaxing break from the ever-expanding Trello board.

For the sister who prefers a kitschy office

The only slightly terrifying eyes of this cat move in time with its tail, every second.

For the sister who planned all your birthday parties

Her to-do lists and doodles could adorn the pages of this lemon-yellow notebook.

For the sister who’s still a big kid

Just don’t let her eat them all at once.

For the sister who read Harry Potter to you when you were kids

Photo: retailer

The book that’s been on everyone’s Instagram is a must-read.

For the sister who prefers an audiobook


Also great for singing folklore on repeat.

For the sister with an extensive morning routine

Our experts love this retinol cream, which is also great for sensitive skin.

For the sister who’s a skin-care newbie

For the sister who can’t look at another Yankee candle

For the sister who still drinks tea the old-fashioned way

You might tease her for it, but secretly you’ll covet this splatterware pot.

For the sister who requires a stronger morning brew than tea

A stylish keep-cup for when her morning coffee needs to be to-go.

For the sister who sets daily hydration goals


The bottle that Guardian staff are obsessed with comes in a variety of pleasing colours.

For the sister who prefers G&T’s

Alcoholic gifts are sure to go down well.

For the sister who hashtags #CottageCore

Photo: retailers

You’ll be receiving homemade calendula face creams before the year is over.

For the sister who’ll probably bake her own birthday cake

From £7

This mustard-coloured apron is long enough to ensure there’ll be zero cooking splatters.

For the sister who’s already got loads of Lush bath bombs

And prefers a soak in the bath over baking.

For the sister who taught you the Savage dance on TikTok

ORETECH iPhone 11 Case

We also love the lavender-purple shade.

For the sister always drains her phone battery


Essential for long journeys and festivals.

For the Gen-X sister

For the Gen-Z sister


She’s just discovered Instagram reels and she’s already forced the whole family to partake in one.

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The 39 Best Gifts for Sisters (That You Can Buy on Amazon)