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38 Father’s Day Gifts Under £20

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

It’s no secret that, at the Strategist, we take gift giving quite seriously, and Father’s Day (June 19) is no exception. We’ve already covered the best gifts for every kind of dad, looked at the cheapest gifts from the fanciest brands, and found the best gifts for under £10. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite gifts under £20 — including kitchen gadgets, artsy gifts, and the best presents for dads who bird-watch. While most of these gifts are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

For the dad who travels for work

Photo: Retailer

A mini alarm clock favoured by Sir Paul Smith (and the Park Hyatt Japan).

For the dad who just retired

The Ho-mi is a multipurpose short-handled tool popular with Korean farmers and can be used for weeding, digging, and other garden jobs.

For the dad obsessed with #PlantTok

If his TikTok FYP is full of plants from the likes of @spacewolfgrace and @lola_delcampo, this (super-easy) beginner plant will make him feel like he is an accomplished plant dad, too.

For the dad who keeps his begonias in the bathroom

A mister would be a perfect gift. This one has been a best seller on the Strategist UK for over two years (and comes recommended by experts for its “gentle, steady mist”).

For the dad who forgets to feed his sourdough starter

Like sourdough, kombucha uses a SCOBY (that’s a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) but is a lot easier to make.

For the dad who makes his own cold brew

Give him a Bru so he can take his brew with him on his Sunday stroll.

For the dad who is getting into AeroPress

A medium roast like this would be perfect for his morning brew.

For the dad who just discovered matcha

This bamboo whisk will add the requisite froth to his cup.

For the dad who counts his steps

They may not be much to look at, but these sandals feature pressure points to ease his feet.

For the dad who stays hydrated

For the dad who understands the concept of “me time”

These lavender bath salts came recommended by none other than Busy Phillips, when she told us about the products she can’t live without.

For the dad who likes an afternoon snack

£14 for 10

BAFTA-winning actress Bukky Bakray told us these were the best plantain chips out there — in fact, she buys them in bulk.

For the dad who wants to be a better ally


When we spoke to experts to find out the best books for burgeoning Black feminists, four of them picked this book by Toni Morrison.

For the dad who takes DIY seriously

This magnetic wristband can keep screws or bolts close to hand while he’s putting up shelves.

For the dad who takes birding seriously

These miniature binoculars can easily fit in his jacket pocket, just in case he sees a sandpiper while he’s out and about.

This book would also make a thoughtful gift.

For the dad who is an unapologetic nerd


These postcards, based on Penguin’s suitably weird sci-fi classics, are a nice way for him to keep in touch with people.

For the dad who likes to wind up the cat

This laser pointer is used by celebrity animal trainer Julie Tottman, who has trained cats, ravens, and Northern Inuit dogs.

For the dad who is decidedly analogue

A handsome notebook in a striking colour is always appreciated.

For the dad who goes to Ikea only for the little pens

These fineliners were the best-rated pens in our (exhaustive) test of 87 different kinds. We wrote that the ink was smooth and fluid (without being smudgy), and there’s something almost design-y about the pineapple-coloured barrel, too.

For the dad who knows his garganelli from his fusilli

Squid Ink

If he’s a foodie dad who is serious about homemade pasta, this squid ink would make a thoughtful gift.

For the dad who loves to drizzle and dunk

For the dad who knows the value of seasoning

A salt pig (in a pleasing fire-engine red) would be a welcome addition to his kitchen.

For the dad who insists on cocktail hour

Photo: retailer

When we asked experts how to stock the perfect home bar, this sherry came up time and time again (it’s a great substitute for vermouth).

For the dad who insists on cocktail hour (but doesn’t drink)

Did you know San Pellegrino does a nonalcoholic aperitivo (that comes in these striking glass bottles)?

For the dad who makes a mean WFH lunch

Photo: retailer

This book by the team at MOB Kitchen includes recipes for French onion macaroni and cheese, salmon-tikka naan wraps, and miso sticky-toffee pudding.

For the dad who gave up meat

Photo: Page Street Publishing

As featured in our look at the best vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, this book is full of game-changing dishes, like the tacos de yaca al pastor (jackfruit al pastor tacos).

For the dad who is highly competitive (but pretends not to be)

Giant Pass the Pigs Set

This giant, inflatable version of one of our favourite games sees you chuck the pigs in the air and earn points based on how they land — and it’s surprisingly compelling.

For the dad who is curious about candles

This de-stressing one will be the gift that keeps on giving.

For the dad who is curious about skin care

A gently exfoliating (and incredible-smelling) scrub that will help remove dead skin.

For the dad who’s happy with the house wine

An inexpensive carafe he could also use to keep water by his bedside.

For the dad who keeps losing his phone

Cheaper than phone insurance, and he’ll secretly enjoy showing people how this works.

For the dad who has a hat-hair problem

For a dad who might have gotten a little too comfortable shoving his hair underneath a baseball cap, give him the tools to make it more presentable.

For the dad who wishes he had a hat-hair problem

If he’s losing his hair, then a cap he can wear to a beer garden or the golf course would go down a storm.

For the dad who chugs tea like it’s water

He’d love this infuser mug, which Strategist contributor Isabelle O’Carroll says lets her drink eight cups a day.

For the dad who loves cooking but lacks coordination


This mandoline has a finger guard so he can get superthin veggies without losing a finger in the process. Perfect if he’s making pickles or prepping for a stir-fry.

For the dad who doodles in meetings

Encourage his (potential) artistic streak with these artist-approved pencils from the Lake District.

For the dad who has everything else

Consider a clever deely for the fridge that will make his pickles, sauces, and kimchee easier to locate.

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38 Father’s Day Gifts Under £20