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The 35 Best Gifts for Every Type of Boyfriend

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No matter how long you’ve been together, buying a Valentine’s Day present for someone you love can be hard. You might be tempted to buy them something they have been hinting at for months, or you might want to get them something you know they desperately need. We went through the Strategist archives, looking at expert-recommended products and stylish people-approved essentials, then we snooped in the shopping baskets of celebrities and Strategist staff alike. Finally, we scoured retailers to find dozens more options. Whatever you might be looking for — gifts for bookworm boyfriends, coffee-snob boyfriends, or boyfriends who can doodle — we’ve got you covered. And while most of these options are available on Amazon, we’ve found some options elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.” Read on for the best gifts for all types of boyfriends, including something for the boyfriend who says he doesn’t want anything (but secretly does).

For the boyfriend who can work anywhere (including bed)


We like this handsome, not to mention inexpensive, bamboo laptop stand, which has room for a mouse (and perhaps a mug of coffee, too).

For the boyfriend who wishes to work by the beach

Should he wish to take “remote working” as literally as possible, these packing cubes will come on handy for his return to jet-setting.

For the boyfriend who insists on blooming his Kenyan single-origin grounds

A gooseneck kettle will allow for better control of his pour. This Stagg model is considered one of the best models out there.

For the boyfriend whose love language is ‘playlists’

Because roasting a chicken requires just the right tunes to go with it.

For the boyfriend whose love language is ‘ravioli’

Photo: retailer

He could pick up some new techniques (or just admire the photography).

For the boyfriend who stays up late to read

Rechargeable LED Book Light

This book light sits on the neck, and is bright enough so he can keep page-turning without keeping you awake.

For the boyfriend who gets up early to read


Give him a series to get stuck into. The first book in the Wormwood trilogy and the winner of an Arthur C. Clarke Award, this story takes place in a futuristic rural Nigeria (2066, to be precise) during the aftermath of an alien invasion.

For boyfriend who gives you beard rash

Braun Beard Trimmer

Strategist UK staff writer Chris Mandle recommends this inexpensive trimmer for anyone whose facial hair has gotten out of hand.

For the boyfriend who is getting ready for Glastonbury 2022

This DJ-approved turntable would be a nice gift. [Editor’s note: This product is low in stock].

He’ll also need some records to play on it. How about this hip-hop classic by A Tribe Called Quest?

If he is just building his collection, give him one of the greats.

For the boyfriend who takes out the bins

He won’t mind being caught by the neighbours in a pair of these.

For the boyfriend who is a Sunday snuggler

If you’re going to spend a whole day under a blanket, make sure it’s the comfiest one you can find.

For the boyfriend who shares his OOTD

Photo: retailer

This book by the icon of eclectic fashion is part memoir, part moodboard (thanks to the glossy photo inserts featuring LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa).

For the boyfriend who hates whisky

Roku Japanese Craft Gin

Come for the notes of cherry blossom and cinnamon, stay for the decanter-esque bottle you can reuse.

For the boyfriend who only drinks scotch

Tease him out his comfort zone with a Japanese single malt. Experts told us this scotch-inspired blend has many layers of flavour including creamy sweetness, spice, and “a gentle coastal smoke.”

For the boyfriend who doesn’t drink like he used to

When we asked nine experts about the best nonalcoholic drinks, this spicy, aromatic option by Seedlip came highly recommended.

LSA GI17 Gio Tumbler
£16 for 4
£16 for 4

We like LSA’s tumbler glasses, which are the ideal size for a bourbon (or perhaps even a Mexican soda).

For the boyfriend who needs a spa day

This extra-large bath pillow, according to contributor Chelsey Pippin, is a “life changer.” It’s made from a memory-foam-like substance and supports both the neck and shoulders.

You could also add in these aesthetically pleasing exfoliating mitts, which will make sitting in a tub full of Radox feel like luxuriating at Soho Farmhouse.

For the boyfriend who is a top-tier doodler

White Nights Watercolours

If his notebooks look like mini works of art, maybe he’d like a new medium. These watercolours came recommended by Strategist contributor (and artist) Natalya Lobanova.

For the boyfriend who loves pasta (but still can’t get a table at Bottega Caruso)

Sailnovo Pasta Machine

This is an inexpensive way to learn the ropes.

For the boyfriend who is handy(ish)

All boyfriends secretly love the inherent prying and jimmying that comes with a knife.

For the boyfriend who stans Monty Don

Felco Model 2 Secateurs

These are a more affordable version of Monty’s very own secateurs and are considered the “industry standard” by gardeners.

For the boyfriend who is obsessed with Vivino

Photo: retailer

A book to help him make the most of Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2022.

For the boyfriend who hates clothes shopping

This cashmere scarf is the kind of thing that will suit any person at any age.

For the boyfriend who follows Anthony Joshua on Instagram

For the boyfriend who keeps losing his AirPods

Powerbeats are a great alternative to AirPod Pros — in terms of sound, battery life, and comfort — and they’ll stay in place too.

For the boyfriend who lurks on r/pens

If he finds biros just a little too basic, then a Caran d’Ache (in a satisfying magnetic case) would make a perfect gift.

For the boyfriend who is casually into horticulture

Also known as a snake plant or viper’s bowstring hemp, this low-maintenance plant can handle missed watering and low light.

For the boyfriend who is not-so-casually into ceramics

This plant pot (made from recycled plastic) looks as though it’s made of a glazed ceramic — for a fraction of the price.

For the boyfriend who can’t even keep a cactus alive

We won’t tell if you don’t.

For the boyfriend who loses his keys a lot

Now he can track them on his phone (as long as he hasn’t lost that too).

For the boyfriend who is terrified of his screen-time report

One easy way to reduce his doomscrolling? Give him a less distracting way to check the time.

For the boyfriend who is proud to call himself a sneakerhead

What you’re really giving him is the confidence to wear his New Balance 900s out the house.

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The 35 Best Gifts for Every Type of Boyfriend